Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ho, Ho, HA!

Awww...What happened to my sweet little baby girl?

She's been overtaken by demons or aliens, that's what has happened.

Elizabeth is two and a half now. She hit them a little late, but the terrible twos, oh my dear Lord, the terrible twos are soooo terrible!

Yesterday I ran into the store to pick up only some sour cream and it was a full out fit from the time I loaded her into the car until she conked out in the pick-up line at Jacob's school. I'm still waiting on the CPS to arrive as the man behind me assured me he'd be calling them because, obviously, he's never had any children.

Today, I so stupidly took my three little devils angels to get their pictures taken. Christmas pictures. In the most beautiful little Christmas outfits. In front of the sweetest little Christmas background just so I can show every one I know just how gorgeous my children are we can spread lots of Christmas cheer this year.

You know it's bad when the nice photographer lady refers to them as hellions.

Oh, the boys were pretty good, I got a couple of nice shots of THEM together. She even asked if maybe I wanted to send a card out with just the boys. *sigh*

Elizabeth = Birth Control

She would not sit, she would not stand, she would not smile.

And then she threw a fit. The holy mother of all fits.

In front of the eye-rolling lady who swooped in and took my 10 a.m. appointment and then still hadn't chosen her pictures during our FORTY-FIVE minute appointment making us stand and wait with our screaming child that. much. longer.

I mean, really, an hour to choose your pictures? How hard can that be.

That was three hours ago. I am still shaking.

But at least I have some lovely Christmas cards of my boys.

And my boys and my MIL. The MIL who so elegantly wore her PAJAMAS to the photo shoot even after we bought her a new outfit to wear for them.

Just drop me an email with your home address if you'd like one in your mailbox this year.

Because, there ain't no way in hell I'm attempting this again.


Krys72599 said...

How about if I save you the 44 cents and you just post the cards on your blog after the holidays?
I want to see your MIL in her pjs almost as much as I want see your angels and Elizabeth.

Fran said...

Your daughter and mine sound like they were seperated at birth!! In one of her most recent fits at Walmart she laid prostrate on the floor and LICKED IT!!! The floor. At Walmart!!

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh man! Reading that is even worse than your Tweet earlier. If I lived closer, I'd be on my way over there...with booze.

Sadie said...

I know it's horrible for you, but these stories of yours always make me chuckle. And cringe.

Your MIL is something else. I think that's all there is to say about that.

And people says girls are easier?

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...