Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Day of School....

was weeks ago. I mean, progress reports came home yesterday. It's safe to say I am a little behind blogily.

Anyway, here are all my school children with their teachers on the first day:

Ah, Elizabeth. I can't believe I ever thought she wasn't ready for school. Her teacher adores her and says she is so very polite and very empathetic to the other children. One of her classmates has bad eczema and was crying because it hurt so bad and my sweet baby got up, sat beside her, put her arm around her and told her how sorry she was she felt bad. Of course, she also thinks she runs the place since Mommy works there, but so far so good.

Interesting fact. Years ago when I had only one child and my husband came home before the 10 pm newscast, I went to a monthly stamping class for about a year. Elizabeth's teacher was in that class too. Who'd a thunk eight years later I'd be working right next door to her and the daughter I didn't have then would adore her so much? Okay. So I thought it was kinda neat.

OMG. I still cannot believe Adam is in kindergarten. Sometimes when he comes home with papers that are less than stellar I imagine pulling him out and sending him back to preschool and it makes me just a wee bit happy. I know! What kind of mother wishes for her child to fail? He has a permanent tooth and goes to kindergarten and I swear he could still fit in the Baby Bjorn.

I would've posted a better picture because I am sure his teacher would like that if she ever googles and finds herself here, but this is all I have. It looked good that morning probably because I thought it was supposed to look that way through my tear-clouded eyes. Yes. I cried. A lot. Not just tears either. It was ugly and it was probably a lot of the reason Adam cried the rest of the week and into the next week. He's doing better now, but I have more to write about that. Let's just say for now, he didn't ease into school as well as I always anticipated and he doesn't just "get" the school work the way his brother does. What? No. I'm not thinking how nice it will be for him to go back to preschool.

Another interesting fact. Adam's teacher lives down the street from us. We used to see her and her children at the pool. Okay. It was neat to me.

And Jacob. Oh Jacob. Sometimes I want to change the name of this blog to The Bully Blog and document every. single. thing that poor child goes through every. single. day. He misses Mrs. Kilian. I miss Mrs. Kilian, but his new teacher is a good fit for him. She is the one Mrs. Kilian requested he have and she promised she was very much like her and I already see it. There have been two physical incidents that she took care of before I could even call her about it. She's talked to parents and administration and recess teachers and lunch ladies. She likes him. She cares for him. I trust her with him. So far. One day I may start my bully blog but until then just know it's still there but we're working on it. We're always working on it.

Three little school children.

I can't believe they're that big.

I miss my lazy baby days.


Crazed Nitwit said...

Time flies. Elizabeth showing empathy already is awesome!!!!!

Love the pictures!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

I can't believe they are all in school! I remember when Adam was just a wee one writing all over your house with lipstick ;) Seems like yesterday...
I miss the lazy baby days too. I enjoyed them but not enough. I wish someone would have told me. I remember thinking that I was so busy. I had NO idea. Those really were the best of times. I wish I could tell all new parents that. Enjoy every minute because it goes too fast. I keep thinking that when they are teens I'm going to look back at these days and think the same thing.

Miss Hope said...

I missed my lazy baby days...for a minute or two. Then, I realized that this Mama really needs those few hours to regroup and drink coffee that is still warm before girding my loins for afterschool homework and activities. I think having a teenager can cure anyone of wanting baby days back because they're so close to getting out of the house? Just a thought...

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Hope the year gets better for Jacob. I have my fingers crossed that this is THE YEAR for him!

Lynsey said...

I really hope things get better for sweet Jacob. :( Bullying is just completely unnacceptable.