Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Once a Month Post

Which is what it's really turning out to be. How sad.

I could still write three times a week, Lord knows we have plenty going on to talk about, there's just no time and, I swear to all that's holy, I am not giving up any of my precious sleep to indulge my own narcissism thinking people are actually reading our life anymore anyway.

So....where were we?

Oh. The haircut.

I never did do anything about it. I was too afraid of taking her somewhere, asking them to fix it, and then bringing home a child with a shaved head. I also didn't feel comfortable shaping it up myself so it is what it is. An interesting conversation piece. She's still pleased as pie with it so that's the end of that.


I never did do the gluten-free diet with him because my mom showed up one afternoon and took him home with her. For, like, two weeks. Until he drove her absolutely crazy and she brought him back home. By then school was starting and I just didn't feel like going there. I took his nightly melatonin away and after a few days he had no problems whatsoever sleeping in his bed, in his room, in the dark. Oh, he still prefers to sleep downstairs with us, but at least he's not clawing his eyes out and screaming when we refuse that request.


Adam started kindergarten, oh, four weeks ago. I still have a hard time comprehending that he is no longer a non-verbal toddler. I mean, it just seems like yesterday I took Jacob to kindergarten while toting Adam along in the sling. He is my sweet baby. How can he be old enough for school?

So far, he's not real crazy about it. The first week there were many tears and one full tantrum meltdown. He's doing better, but if given a choice, he'd stay home with Elizabeth and me he says but I always tell him, he can't stay home with us because we aren't here while he's in school.

Elizabeth and I aren't home while Adam is in school because when he is at school, Mommy is at work.

Yes. I got a job.

I really did. Stop laughing.

Remember when I mentioned in passing that I'd put my application in at Adam's preschool and then pulled it?

Well. I got a call in late July from the preschool director wondering if I'd be interested in working there this fall. Seems two of the teachers and most of the aides moved on to bigger and better things over the summer and she had a lot of spots to fill and she'd really, really like it if I'd take one of the three year old teacher positions. Or an aide position. Whatever. So I thought about it a couple of days and although I really wasn't ready to go back to work and still feel a fair amount of guilt over putting Elizabeth in preschool so early, I jumped feet first and went straight for the teacher job. I didn't even have to interview for it because I am so full of the awesome. The pay isn't great but the hours are and I get free childcare in the form of free preschool tuition for Elizabeth. $1810 worth of free tuition. Ka-ching. I figured since I'd be sending her to Pre-K there next year anyway I might as well join the team now because who knows if there'd be any openings next year and that free tuition looked really wonderful to me. I work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8-12:15 with a once-a-month staff meeting where Adam and Elizabeth are welcome. The ladies I work with are friendly and my boss is really awesome. The first week was rough with lots of criers and many bitchy parents, but we're getting in the groove and it's getting better so I hope we have a good year ahead. At least I get home in time to see the end of All My Children.

There is much more to post but no time. It's Sunday and my husband is home and is stomping around bitching about how lazy I am and just dropped a full basket of laundry at my feet. Maybe I'll have a free afternoon this week to tell you about Jacob's new teacher or Adam's hesitation with school or how my husband mysteriously acts like Satan every Sunday morning after church, you know, when I'm not on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors the way G*d intended all wives.

I'm going to shoot for another post in September at least.


Jana said...

Congrats on the new job! It sounds like a perfect fit. You can't get much better than free pre-school tuition.

And lazy? Hello...are his hands broken and keeping him from doing the laundry himself?

Miss Hope said...

Look at you going and gettin' a job and all. I don't have the excuse of an outside paying job to explain my lack of blogging. I could claim a dry spell but there's too much I really need to write about to file that claim.

Congrats on getting the job and scoring some free tuition for Miss E! I think that's an awesome opportunity and I surely would have done the same thing if I had had the chance.

Can't wait to hear how school is going for the boys. I'm scared to breathe straight now because my boy is having a fantastic year thus far. I think it's because his teacher is tough and strict and has "this look" that even makes me afraid. For some reason, a tough teacher just thrills my kids to pieces. He's weird like that.

Let's work at doing more than one blog a month, man. Being nosy about other people's lives keeps me going some times, you know.

Crazed Nitwit said...

Congrats on the job!! That rocks! You are that awesome. Seriously.

I know how you feel~how can my baby be joining the army, going to basic on Nov. 2?????

Thanks so much for your support and prayers!!!

Love and hugs!!!!

PS I am coming down there when I have money and I'm gonna kick your spouse's ass. I got your back!!!!!!

Leslie said...

Congrats on the new job!

How old is Elizabeth? I'm sure being in preschool can only help her deveopment, even if it is a bit early!

Mommy Daisy said...

Yay for the job! I hope that you're enjoying yourself. I'm sure the kids are having fun in school.

Lynsey said...

I love that you have a job now! I'm so jealous! The kids are so cute...Lizard Breath looks just like you! :)

Shane said...

Wow... a lot going on, huh? Congrats on the job. That's great! Lovin' the new hairdo... she may start a new fad. :)