Tuesday, April 05, 2011

My Blog is Broken...

Or at least that's what I hear ;)

I have lots to write about it, but no time in which to do it. We are in the last six weeks of preschool and along with that comes Mother's Day Tea, Father's Day Picnic, Easter Egg Hunts, and "Graduation". Those also come with art projects that must be laminated, cut, magnetted, and wrapped and guess who gets to do those things? Did I happen to mention the twenty page scrapbooks I have to put together for each child? ALL FIFTEEN OF THEM????

Yeah. That's taking up all my blogging time.

But not Facebook time. I can't let my Frontier and Island die.

Priorities, ya'll.


I found this in my archives. I almost cried. I remember taking that picture. I remember how smart she thought she was because she could take that hat off. Now that baby can put letters together to write words. She can read a little too. She can kick a ball as well as her brothers and can put her own temporary tattoo on her arm.

She got big.

No fair.

In two weeks she'll be four. years. old.





Miss Hope said...

Heh heh...what are friends for if they can't let you know when your blog is broken? Yeah, end of school year tends to get a little wild. I'm over here gearing up for a summer where my husband will be gone the WHOLE time for a class. *mild panic sets in* I am also having a hard time believing Miss Ma'am is going to be four. FOUR?!? Dude, I remember you being pregnant with that sweet baby. Time flies entirely too fast.

Sadie said...

That means I have been reading your blog for, like, a long time. Wow.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I have no idea because you were only pregnant with her like, last month, right?