Friday, May 31, 2013

My Head Still Hurts.....

I have had a massive sinus headache for the past three days.    I can barely lift my head and when I do, it's worse.   I have spent a small fortune at CVS on all kinds or "proven remedies" that proved not to remedy anything at all.    Today I found some sort of nasal spray that seems to have made a small dent. Hopefully it will begin to help because I am sure the drug store employees are tired of seeing me stumble about moaning in my pajamas.

Usually being piled up in bed for three days would have my house in complete shambles,  BUT miraculously it is not.   Believe it or not,  Jacob has been taking care of it.  Without even being asked.

All these meds have kind of made me a little dizzy and drunk like so I am hoping I am not imagining it, but the laundry is done and folded and the towels, at least, have been put away.   The beds are made.  The floors are swept and mopped.   The trash has been taken out.  The garbage cans put away.  Dishwasher emptied AND refilled.  The little kids have been cerealed and souped at the appropriate times and the evidence of such is no longer there.  Toys mostly put away.

Can this be the same kid who refused to lift even ONE finger last week?

Did I die?  Because at one point,  I really was sure I was going to.

What is happening here?

Seriously, I just laid here (laid, lain, lay, lie? I was absent every time they taught that I think) and cried over it.

This.  Is a big deal.

One of the traits of Aspergers is the lack of empathy.    Oh, you feel bad?  Whatever.  I don't get that because it's not happening to me so let me go back to what I was doing and not really care.  

But yesterday, he cared.  He cared enough to feel bad for me and step up and do something about it completely on his own.

I am sure there is probably some motive behind it, I bet he'll ask for something in a couple days, but still, he helped out.  When I really needed it.  Without begging and cajoling and bribing.  He just did it.

Of course, it isn't right, it's not done my way,  the towels are hanging off the shelf and not tri-folded the way I like and the blankets are poking out from under the comforters, and he put the bathroom Scentsy cubes in a living room burner, but still.   I have let it go.  The dizzy drugs have helped with that.

I'll get better and he'll go back to being his usual self, but this one time, he stepped up.   This makes me so hopeful that maybe he's turning a corner, maybe he's maturing, maybe we can work with this.


Jana said...

Fantastic news! Is it bad I'm hoping you don't get better all that soon so that he'll keep it up a bit longer? ;)

sherrypg said...

Yay Jacob!!!

Also? Netipot.

Sadie said...

That is really awesome, I cannot imagine how much that lifted a load off your shoulders.

I second the neti pot nomination.