Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Is it Daylight Savings time yet?

Jacob woke up at 6:04 this morning. I need daylight savings time. The sun comes up WAY too early for me to be functional by rising that early. It reminds me of when we were in Maine and the sun came up at 5 am because we were on the edge of the country, only then we could get a nap at 9 because we didn't have any children. Anyway....I should've hopped out of bed with my oldest and fixed his breakfast and cheerfully got him ready for the day but I couldn't...I tried but my eyes wouldn't stay open. Have I mentioned before that I need ten hours of sleep to be fully functional? Did I mention I have kids and I get MAYBE six hours of sleep? Big cosmic joke on me..haha. Anyway.....(see, I am rambling, not enough sleep)....Adam sleeps well in the morning, in fact he can sleep until 9 many mornings, so I kept dozing back off with him and every now and then poor Jacob would come in and whisper in that loud whispery way kids do, "Is it time for school?" "No, baby not until the alarm goes off, go back to bed it's still night time (hard to convince with the sun shining through)" Finally, I drag myself out of bed and go in to find Jacob playing Leapster on his bed...his MADE UP bed, completely dressed shoes and all, his bag packed and his teeth were brushed!! He was so happy to see me, not because he loves his mama, but because I can drive. He was READY for school. Now I have lately begun having small panic attacks thinking about sending Jacob to kindergarten next year. The thought of him being gone EVERY DAY is upsetting to me, I don't do change well. I had semi-convinced myself that I should hold him back a year because he isn't ready, but in reality it is me who isn't ready, obviously. This was my nudge from God to let me know that I need to gear up, kindergarten is coming and my baby is so ready for it even if I am not. My mom was right, they grow up WAY too fast!

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