Thursday, March 09, 2006

Jacob at Five

Things about Jacob at five years old:
*He weighs 40 pounds and is 41 1/2 inches tall.
*He wears size 5 clothes most of the time and I have had to just recently start buying his things in the boy department rather than the sad
*He wakes up at 6:45 every morning without fail
*His favorite food is cheese enchiladas, I can bribe him to do most anything with a promise to a trip to a mexican restaurant.
*He can identify the letters of the alphabet and what sound each makes.
*He can sound out some 3 letter words
*He can count to 100, but almost always leaves out 16
*He can write his first name
*He knows right from left
*He knows his colors and what colors you can make from mixing those colors.
*He likes to do mazes and dot to dots and does them well.
*He can play Super Mario 3 from my old 1989 nintendo better than I ever could
*He LOVES his brother and is very helpful with him.
*His new favorite toy is his legos, he can play with these for hours.
*He wears size 11 shoes.
*He watches ToddWorld every morning and we must tivo it when we leave for school.
*When I put him in time out he always goes up and brushes his teeth, I havent' figured out why yet
*The library is his favorite place and he won't go to bed without reading a book.
*He still LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine; he knows every single train ever made and can act out every story ever told with amazing accuracy.
*Can sing "Sweet Home Alabama", "Ring of Fire" and "Our House" along with all the Thomas songs.
*He does chores: he takes the garbage out and the cans to curb on garbage day and brings them back in, feeds the dog, makes his bed, makes sure his and Adam's laundry is in the laundry room, puts his folded clothes away.

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Jennifer said...

Our lives sound very similar. Boys rule.