Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

I cannot believe another week has passed us kids just keep getting bigger, my midsection keeps creeping up, yet the constant and debilitating nausea continues and worsens with every single week. What is up with that??? Aren't I supposed to be in the peppy, jolly phase by now? I miss solid food. A lot. Maybe this is God's way of letting me now that a tubal ligation would be a good way to go. Or a vasectomy. I think that is the only fair solution, don't you? I will have been sliced open three times and served as a human bovine twice, surely a little snip isn't too much to ask right? I knew you'd see it my way.

I let Jacob play hooky on Friday. Go ahead and say it, I'm a horrible parent. I just didn't feel like taking him, he was having a substitute and I was being lazy, so I convinced him he had a fever and laid in bed a while longer. Then I felt guilty and decided that since we were already home we would hit the town and that we did. We went to Chuck E. Cheese early in the morning and had the place to ourselves which was sweet. We had a great lunch, played at a park, hit the big library, and painted pottery, expensive pottery, to give as Christmas gifts. The kids were absolutely amazing. I don't know if aliens from the planet Well Behaved took over their bodies or what, but I can't complain. I would love to do that more often, but I am sure if I attempt it again the aliens will come from planet Scream All Day so I will just lock it away as a good memory and be glad for it.

Since I had a little help on Friday I went and treated myself to a hair cut. A hair cut you say, with two kids in tow, surely you jest. Yes, I myself thought it would be a scene straight from Super Nanny, but I had to do it. You see, I hadn't had a hair cut in over two years. I went from hair above the ears to hair above the butt in that time and I just finally got to a point where I couldn't take it anymore. I put up with it a lot longer than I wanted to because Adam has a hair thing. He likes to hang on to a hunk of my hair as he goes to sleep at night. Or when he's scared. Or hungry. Or just about anytime of the day he isn't playing trucks or terrorizing the animals. It was cute at first but now he has some strength in those fingers and, well, OW. Plus, the tangled Medusa look was starting to scare the other kids when I dropped Jacob off at school in the morning. It just could not be tolerated another day! So, with baggies of forbidden Halloween candy and books of all kinds, we set off. I actually turned around at a stop light and told Jacob that if he helped me out by keeping Adam in the stroller the whole hair cut we would do whatever he wanted the rest of the day, I was that desperate. Hence all the kid friendly activities mentioned earlier. Thank goodness he didn't want to knock off a grocery store or play in traffic. He's a good one I tell ya. Anyway, I feel like a ten pound weight has been lifted from my shoulders. The nice lady cut 11 inches off my hair which we bound up and mailed to Locks of Love. I would post some before and after photos but we don't have any before pictures of me anywhere and I can't take an after photo because my camera broke, just broke without warning. Died. Finito. My ten month old camera no longer takes pictures which SUCKS because who can afford another camera at prime gift buying time?? It's always something. Anyone care to come over Christmas morning and take some nice shots of my kids opening presents?

We went to a wedding last night with kids in tow. We have no friends and know no babysitters so we take them with us everywhere. It's a lot of fun, really it is. I have never been the type to get misty eyed at weddings, typically wondering what they will be serving and if it's an open bar or not during the festivities, but I found myself completely teared up and on the verge of a full out bawl fest watching two people I did not know (husband friends) exchange vows while sitting next to my two boys. Jacob, not well versed in weddings having been to his last one at six months old, was asking about it all and I was explaining to him what was going on and that one day, yes, he would stand up and marry a girl (please be a girl) he was in love with and live with her, yada, yada, yada. Of course he insisted that he would live with me forever and ever and I had to agree that, yes, he would lest the tears start rolling mid-ceremony and he was satisfied. BUT, I stared at that couple at the altar and about lost my lunch thinking that one day my guys may be doing the same thing. AGH, they are mere babies, can't they stay this way forever? Must. Not. Go. There. They were so absolutely charming though, dressed in their matching duds (yeah, I did that), that I was able to press it out of my mind and enjoy their sweetness all evening. I would have gotten a good picture for you too, but, you know, the whole dead camera thing.

So, wow, if you are still reading this you must really have time on your hands. I am droning on today as if I don't have piles of laundry to wash and fold. We need to all get up and enjoy the day......have a good one.


L said...

I really think we are leading parallel lives only I'm not pregnant. DH agreed to a vasectomy last summer so we're done with that. He said after all I went through to have our kids, it was the least he could do. That man is a keeper, no?
Here are some similarities:
1. Aidan and I painted expensive pottery last weekend.
2. Out of the blue, DH started his own blog yesterday and he won't let me see it! WTF?
3. I have crazy hair at the moment too but no time to cut it.
That's just to name a few things.
Weird, eh?

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I can't believe you took the kids to the salon!!!!!! I would need some kind of mind altering drug (for me, not them) to do that. Mine would rip the place a part. You are too lucky. You almost made me cry with the wedding story. I can't even think about it. Sorry about your camera too. I just dropped mine on the floor and it was doing some crazy stuff. Seems to be ok now, I hope.
Hope your week goes well too. When your PG, you need all the help you can get:D Hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

I always cry at weddings. Does that make a sap? You have to get a camera, how am I going to get through the weeks without the pictures of your cuties?

Anonymous said...

Darn it! I would have loved to have seen some before and after shots! Have you washed it yet? That's when it always gets me after a hair cut..there's no hair there to wring our when I'm done. The pottery idea is such a great one for gifts. I just may have to check that out. And, if I were a little closer, I come over and be the photog at Christmas!

OneHungMan said...

Skipping school and heading to Chuckie's...OneHung likes it.

Michelle said...

that's wonderful you were able to donate your hair to Locks of Love!

you know, that day will be something Jacob will remember - not just the fact that mom let him play hookey -but that it was such a nice, quality day together doing fun stuff!

Lori said...

I agree on playing hookie...sounds like a great time! ALSO...those memories with the boys will last a life-time, I think it's great! :)

Don't get me started on the boys getting married! UGH...I can't go there either.

I'm hoping DH will get a V soon too...I think that's VERY fair!!