Monday, February 20, 2006

It's a Dog's Life

Today is my second baby's birthday.....Ezra, our dog turns eight years old today! He came after my first baby, Phoebe the cat, therefore rendering him number two. Didn't know I had four babies did you? Yes, we did buy him a gift and yes, he will have a nice dinner tonight.

Ez is a good old dog, although as of late he has taken to barking at phantoms and releasing deadly flatulance too often. I really do feel for him. He went from being king of the house, sleeping on beds and couches and basking in love and attention all day long to sleeping on the floor, eating in the garage, and MAYBE getting a walk every afternoon. Poor, poor thing. He is the protector of boys and our designated kitchen mop. He can clean the food Adam tosses in one swipe of the tongue. Jacob cannot go to sleep without him in the room, they are good buddies. He lets the kids crawl all over him and put stickers on him and cover him with blankets and I think he enjoys it. I know he misses playing tug the rope and fetch the frog and I wish I had the time back to spend with him like we used least the boys can entertain him now. Ezra is my baby too, he is just the stinkiest baby.

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Becky said...

He is a sweet doggy! Love both pics!!