Thursday, February 23, 2006

Jacob's birthday is in nine days....he will be five. FIVE! How did that happen? Five just seems so....big. He will go to real school next year. I am not ready for this. Sometimes I look at him and cannot believe he is so old and grown up and boy like. Other times I swear he is still a baby, I can still sometimes catch his sweet baby smell if I sniff hard behind his ear when he is giving me good night hugs. He is just such a sweet boy.

We have scheduled a big party at the TRU, something he has been wanting to do for a while. It is going to cost us, but we figured we would have lots of kids to invite and entertain what with him going to preschool now and with all the parties we have attended in the past year we figured the kids would reciprocate and a good time would be had by all. I was wrong about that. I invited his entire class, fifteen of them and have yet to get an RSVP. When I drop Jake off in the morning or pick him up in the afternoon the mothers don't even look in my direction. I added my email address so they could avoid speaking to me on the phone and still nothing. To add insult to injury I listened as I waiting (couldn't help it they were in a bunch surrounding me) and discovered that boy B, who Jacob THINKS is his friend, had a big honking party this past weekend. Guess who was the only boy not invited?? I have a problem with this only because invitations and thank you notes were passed out in class last week and obviously my kid didn't get one and he wonders why. I think if you are going to pass them out at school everyone should get one. Also, why did one of the moms have to dig out that thank you note and read it to her kid outside the class this morning right in front of my kid? That couldn't have waited until you got home? Another thing to consider...if you cannot attend boy b's party drop your gift off at their house or for goodness sakes even ask his mom to come out to the car with you to get it DO NOT sit it on his name plate in the hall way for every other kid to see (and want). What the hell is wrong with these people?

SO, my kid rrreeaaallyy wants his school buddies to be at his party but doesn't look like that will happen. We aren't part of the rich clique so therefore we cannot associate with those children. That's okay for me, but I hate my kid has to experience this level of rudeness at such a tender age. You know, I am proud of the way I have raised him. I was so proud of him this morning....he got out of the car and greeting each and every child on the way in with a big smile and "have a nice day". Most of the kids just glared at him like he was crazy......snobby parents raise snobby children. He has said to me before, so and so isn't very friendly to me but thats okay, I like him anyway and I will be nice to why can't we all be like that? I have a great kid, just wish others would take the time to notice that. Anybody up for a party next Saturday?

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