Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I Think I Hear Taps Playing

It's a bad picture, two years later and I still haven't completely figured the camera out, but can you see that?

Do you see what that is?

Why, that's my first born's littleness lying dead on the hallway floor.

There was a time not so long ago when Thomas, that cheeky engine, ruled our house with an iron fist. If a new friend came to town we dutifully marched to the store and brought him on home to join the rest of Sir Topham's Sodor crew. If he was on clothing, or dinnerware, or bath towels, or snacks, we took those home as well. It was all Thomas all the time in our house since Jacob was eighteen months old.

I saw this train, Billy I think, while Christmas shopping and I was so taken back by the fact that there was a new train and I hadn't preordered it or been stalking it online for weeks. I'd never even heard of Billy. How could that be? So I threw it in my cart and patted myself on the back and imagined the thrill Jacob would have finding it in his stocking Christmas morning. A new train! His favorite thing!

Well, here lies Billy.

Fourteen days after Christmas lying unopened on the hallway floor.

I can remember Jacob's second Christmas when he would open nothing else upon finding Santa had left trains and a track. I remember his third Christmas when we had to open every. single. train and read every. little. card before moving to the next present. I also remember his fourth Christmas when we got smart and saved the trains for last. I don't know when it happened, but Thomas stopped being Jacob's favorite thing and that makes me very sad.

Oh, it's not like Thomas is my favorite toy or anything, I still remember the many times we rued the day we invited him inside, it's just Thomas and little Jacob just went together, kinda like peas and carrots. No more Thomas just confirms no more little Jacob. Sniff.

He's not as prevalent here as he once was, but after all was spent we've been through Thomas and his many friends can stick around a few more years and enjoy a semi-retirement, coming out now and then to play with Kid Two and Kid Three. They can rest their weary wood after all the hours they clocked for nearly five years and job share with Diego, Webkinz, and, keeping my fingers crossed, the Disney Princesses.

Thanks Thomas. Thanks for being there for my little dude. You really are a very useful engine.


Mommy Daisy said...

Aww, that's sad and sweet all at once.

It's an ending for you and a beginning for me. My son just got that exact train "Billy" for Christmas this year. It is his first train. Here we go.

Lynsey said...

oh how sad! Literally brought a little tear to my eye. They get so big, so fast...it's incredible.

Becky said...

It's so hard when they abandon things like this, isn't it? Ben lost interest in the planets a year or two ago, after being obsessed by them for the previous 5 years, and I admit, it still makes me a touch sad.

They just keep growing on up, and it hurts.

Sadie said...

Awww...such a painful time. It was never Thomas in our house...but Blues Clues. but I remember that pain well. Now it's Dora, Diego, and Pablo...and my heart aches in thought of the day that they will no longer be here...for the simple fact that my LAST baby will be out of that stage. *sigh*

Tracey said...

I literally could have written this post, about 3 years ago...

Justin loved Thomas. LOVED. THOMAS. We, too, have all the trains, too much track, and dozens of videos/dvds. Justin had a "train room" where we framed pictures of him by many different trains at a train museum. I remember the Christmas he got "Lady." Oh! His first battery-operated train! So thrilling. He slept with her every night (sounds a bit kinky...). We LOST Lady after 2 weeks. And, living out in BFE back then, I couldn't just run out and get another one, so I ordered a new one online. The day it came was the best day of all, for we found the OLD Lady! Imagine that! 2 Ladies!!

He grew out of it somewhere in kindergarten, I'd think. Evan never really got into Thomas, as his cool big brother was showing him Spongebob and action heroes. But Corinne went through a brief Thomas frenzy. It lasted only a few months, but it totally brought back memories...