Wednesday, January 02, 2008

One Down, 365 More to Go

(It's a Leap Year I'm told)


How can it be 2008 already? According to my childhood imagination, I should have a flying car and a push-button kitchen ala The Jetsons by now. That would be so cool. Somebody needs to get to work on that.

A new year means new resolutions. I did okay last year. We eat healthier, I don't swear quite as much, and I did spend an awful lot of time with Jacob before the baby came. I'm still living in this crappy neighborhood and I have no friends with whom I can gripe about it, but hey, there's always next year.

This year:

I Will Not Sweat the Small Stuff The best compliment I got this year was when the yoga instructor told me I was a great mom because I didn't let my kids get to me and that she was impressed I could be so laid back with three kids. I am happy to say that I do let a lot more roll off my back than I did when I first became a mom, but I could do better. The world isn't going to end if the husband buys the wrong type of soap and wipes. It really won't.

I Will Move Out of This Crappy Neighborhood Well, we made an attempt last year but our awesome deal fell through. We are in the process of moving some money around, patching things up and intend to put the house on the market after all the birthdays have passed (April). Eight years is long enough.

I Will Spend More Quality Time with my Kids My kids all absolutely adore one another. They really don't mind sharing my time, but I need a little more one-on-one time with each of them. It's amazing how much better behaved they are when they've had a little me time.

I Will Cut Our Grocery Bill in Half Okay, maybe just a third, or even a quarter, but I'm spending twice as much on groceries as I was a year ago and I don't like that. I have always been a coupon queen, but I've gotten lazy since Elizabeth was born and need to organize a little better to save a lot more.

I Will Straighten Out My The Kid's Webkinz World Once and For All And I'll make it to level 18 on Where's Wacky, yo.

I Will Only go to Target if Absolutely Necessary Dear Lord that place has some sort of hold on me. No. More. Dollar. Spot.

I Will Find a Friend I think it's time to start stalking some of the moms at Jacob's school.

I Will Drink No More Soda I've gone cold turkey. Lord, help me.

I Will Take my Saturday Free Time My husband and I made a deal when Jacob was two that I got four hours Saturday and he got four hours Sunday child free. I haven't had a free Saturday since before Adam was born. If I'm not going to sweat the small stuff, I need a little bit of free time to recharge each week. Happy New Year Dad!

I Will Have a Fourth Child Just seeing if you were still reading.

I Will No Longer Yell Wanna start a poll as to when that one bites the dust?

I Will No Longer Swear Bwwwaaahhh, ha, ha! Well, I'll at least try.

More Vegetables, less red meat, yada, yada By 2009, we're going to be vegans by golly.

Be Grateful Every Day for All I Have

And let them know each day how grateful I am for each of them.


Lynsey said...

aaah! you got me, my jaw dropped when you mentioned the 4th child! although i'm sure crazier things have happened, right? i'm going to copy your "dont sweat the small stuff" resolution. that's something i do too much of. must. relax.
Happy New Year!!!

OneHungMan said...

Wow, that's a lot of resolutions.

Sadie said...

Those are great resolutions!!! Many of mine are on the "eat healthier" track, too!! I'm on my way to no longer drinking pop...haven't made it yet, though...

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Those are all great! You got me with the "we will have a 4th child" :) I hope 2008 is filled with many blessings for you and your beautiful family!

Becky said...

Happy New Year!

Let's go 2008!

Lynanne said...

I love these resolutions! But, a 4th child, are you nuts? Having 4 kids is crazy! Wait. I have 4 kids. Yup, theory proven. :)

I was going to email you to see if you wanted to commiserate about MIL matters but couldn't find your email. (mine is lynanne at gmail dot com)

Happy 2008!!!