Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Will Not Let The Camera Win

I'm beginning to think it's my camera, ya'll.

It's my camera that keeps me from taking beautiful photographs of my gorgeous children.

I have a Master's Degree for goodness sake. How hard could it be to get good pictures?

Yes, it must be the camera.

Thank goodness Erika's just giving one away this week.

Head on over to Momsational. You can enter to win a Dayrunner calendar system, a car seat, and all kinds of other goodies. Just leave the camera for me, M-kay?


Becky said...

I like these pictures as they're true to life. That said, I have an extremely fancy camera that I have no idea how to use. I guess I should read the manual, eh?

Lynsey said...

i love those pictures!! especially the one of them googling over elizabeth, priceless!

Amie said...

Those pictures are adorable!

Miss Hope said...

That's why I have a teenager. She keeps all gadgets safe and in working order. I have a habit of throwing things that I *think* aren't working.

I am the Queen of User Malfuction.

tradergirls said...

While looking at these pictures, it reminds me of the first picture you sent of Jacob. You were so worried if he was a good looking baby. I guess that it is in our nature just to want healthy "normal" kids. So, alas, no worries... your kids are healthy and "normal", but abnormally cute!