Monday, August 04, 2008

Stormy Weather

So I woke up this morning and suddenly there's a tropical storm heading our way. Soon. Like tonight. Wow.

We went to the lake in 2005 for Hurricane Rita, figured we be safe 150 miles north but instead the storm rallied and pushed fiercely through inland and we spent three days with no power or water in hundred degree heat, eaten alive by mosquitoes, with a few trees down inches from our dark, boarded-up house. It sucked big time.

We've decided to stay put for this one, hoping it will be short-lived and mild and maybe cool the temperatures long enough for the kids to play outside before the summer ends.

I have taken this opportunity to veg out and enjoy my cable and internet today in case we are without it for any length of time. I also purchased storm provisions in the way of gallons of water, a tank of gas (which they completely jacked the price up twenty cents since last night), diapers, a bag of candy, a few Freebird burritos, and a six pack of Tecate.

I think we're set.

Bring it on, Eduoard. We're ready for you.


Aunt Becky said...

Freebirds and Tecate. Who could ask for anything more?

I am Boymom said...

Sounds like you got the basics, good luck and hang tough, sending out positive vibes your direction!!

Lynsey said...

Oh good luck! now I'm worried about you guys...keep us posted.
Matt's down there too at the Residence Inn! I think he's safe there though.

Miss Hope said...

Be safe and check in when you can!

p.s. I grew up in Hurricane Alley in South Carolina. Mama always uses hurricanes as an excuse to fry up everything in her freezer. We eat GOOD then.

Then we all fail cholesterol tests.

Heidi said...

I actually heard that Walmart stocks up on Strawberry Poptarts during hurricanes. For some reason their testing has shown that people buy them more. Just some useless trivia for ya. Hunker down & wear life vests.

Dana said...

I hope you guys are safe and sound enjoying a technologically FREE week! I hope to see a new post soon letting us all know you're