Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome to the New Season of Boy Crazy

Well, that was a quick week.

Is it just me, or does it seem like the days and years have become shorter now that I have children? I had such grand plans for this summer. Where did it go?

We did see the new Star Wars movie (of course) and my sister came for ONE day where we squeezed in six hours of swimming and catch-up to last us until next year or Christmas, whichever her husband will agree to first. We took walks and hunted turtles and vegged by the pool that is right. across. the. street. I know you'd love to see it all but the camera batteries died just as I attempted to capture the lasting memory of taking all three of my children to their very first baseball game. It's okay, though, because I don't really want to remember that game. Ever. Let's just say three kids + seven innings + $7 caffeinated sodas = hell on Earth.

My sleep deprived mind never did remember to buy more batteries until eleven p.m. the night before the first day of school. Big shout out to CVS for being open twenty-four hours. And also having buy one-get one of my favorite shampoo too, that was a nice plus.

Of course, second graders MUST NOT have their photo taken at school lest they be deemed uncool so here is the ONE picture I got before the eye-rolling began. In our house. Nowhere near the school.

At least my littles still like to have their picture taken. In fact, they insist upon it. Heaven forbid Jacob be in a picture alone.

So far, second grade is going well. I know you will all rejoice with me when I tell you that we will not have to deal with Leader Mama or Party Mama as their boys are not in Jacob's class this year. (Insert celebratory dancing here) Seems the bully boys were all separated but surely Mrs. W. didn't have anything to do with that. *wink-wink* You should have heard the commotion going on outside the classrooms when the Mamas realized they weren't together this year. Oh woe, pity them. They might have to actually speak to someone else for a change. At least it won't be me.

Of course, ignore the fact that I sent him to school with one size 11 and one size 13 shoe.

Two days in a row.

Shut up. At least it was the same shoe.

I cannot believe my baby is in second grade. When he was born I was teaching second grade. I remember when I was pregnant with him and thinking it would be FOREVER before my baby was as big as the boys I had that year. Forever is here, apparently. I don't know if I am ready for it, though.

So now that our summer vacation is over, I need to get back to our regularly scheduled life. Stay tuned. This might be the best season yet.


Lynsey said...

can't wait!!!!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Look how cute they all are! So glad the crazy-mom clique got broken up this year. Hopefully it'll be a new area for you at that school.
I can't believe my big guy is going to 1st grade next week. How did that happen?

Tracey said...

I LOVE that you did that with his shoes. :)

We just spent the day at the pool as tomorrow is our first day of school...


Aimee said...

My Jacob starts school on Monday. I'm so sad about it. Kindergarten here we come!

Melissa said...

Wow, he looks so grown up. What a handsome guy you have there. Glad to hear the meanie moms won't be anywhere near you and Jacob. YIPEE! Can't wait to see the rest of the season. I have three getting ready for school this year, 4th grade, 2nd grade and kindergarten, starting in two weeks. Where did the summer go and where did my babies go?

Aunt Becky said...

Ben starts on Monday. With less crunchy teachers. Yes, you can here me from down there screaming a "YeeHaaa!"

Crazed Mom said...

I wish you and Jacob the best school year EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Hope said...

I might be getting a good chuckle the rest of the day over the shoes. I have SO done that.

Wait til high school. I'm still in denial that I have a high school freshman under my roof. Who is counting down the days until she is 15 and can get a learner's permit.

Shane said...

Glad you're back!

SydneyDawn said...

They grow up so freaking fast, don't they?

Welcome back!