Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

I'm home today waiting on the cable fix-it dude. More channels bite the dust everyday. We are now down to the Spanish-speaking ones and some local channel that carries all the trashy talk shows and hours of Cheaters. All I have to say is he better fix that DVR WITHOUT erasing Cars because all hell will break loose if we do not have at least one daily viewing of Cars.

We are not closing on the house today. Nice of them to let us know. TODAY. Apparently we owe them some solar screens, some kind of natural disaster clause. Funny, but one of their biggest concerns was getting rid of the solar screens four weeks ago because they made the house too dark. Sudden change of heart or trying to take advantage of poor people in a poor home market? You decide. I just know for that, I WILL be taking my three kids to the eventual closing making your first home-buying experience your new birth-control.

Jacob is doing very well in school this year. Thank you for asking. His teacher is very nice. Quiet, sweet, smiling, yet she expects the best. Each week a different child is given the Christian Character award and given a trophy to keep on their desk until passing it to the next child. Guess who got it the second week of school? He never did get it last year. He was so proud of himself. He's done ten extra credit book reports and he's finished his scripture recitation through November. He's gotten a few demerits for talking but the teacher always gives me a thumbs up when I pick him up. I had a conference with her early on to let her know about some of the bullying he endured last year and she assured me she'd keep on top of it. So far she hasn't seen any of that and she said he seems to mesh really well with the kids in his current class. I don't know if he's matured or if it's the absence of the first grade boy clique, but he seems happier and less stressed, which in turn makes Mommy happier and less stressed. And the bitchy ladies are still bitchy, but I don't have to deal with them this year so all is good.

I have not seen THE CAR since Ike came to town. The neighbors sustained significant damage to their roof and subsequently lost all of their upstairs carpet and some of their furniture. Even if it comes back, I won't be saying anything to them about it. They have enough to deal with at this point. The HOA is working to have our boat ramp and boardwalk repaired and cleaned up so I figure a car on the street is the least of their issues.

I did not have Elizabeth's hair cut. I did think about it, but in the end I decided there was nothing I wanted a stylist to do to it. My mom kept my hair in bangs until I was old enough to make my own hair choices, like in high school, and I always hated it. I got crazy last week and purchased a ton of cute little clippy bows and I pull her "bangs" to the side like this:

But only if I hold her arms down to keep her from pulling it out.

When she gets away from me, it looks like this:

Is that Chris Farley on The View? Isn't he dead?

Oh yeah, I got my morning shows back this week. Yeah.

Let's see. Today I've made the beds and scrubbed the toothpaste out of the sinks and, of course, wiped all the boy pee off the bathroom toilets/floors/walls. Then I took my place on the couch to wait for the cable guy. Unshowered. Waiting. Can't go out back, might miss the bell. Can't go upstairs, might not hear the bell. So I sit. And wait. I won't even fold the laundry because I don't want to jeopardize being reunited with good teevee today.

Plus, I have help with that.

Adam comes running when I unload the laundry. He loves to fold. Seriously. And I let him do it. Because he wants to. I swear. And he takes the garbage out too. I'm going to have to fight the women off with sticks, man. He's gorgeous and he likes housework!

So Mr. C*mc*st Dude is now 47 minutes late. Someone call the police because surely he's been in an accident. He PROMISED he'd be here by 10. Geez, I hope he's allright.

I have a feeling I won't be getting a shower today.


Lynsey said...

the best part of that post was reading about Jacob. I'm so happy to hear he's doing great this year!!! :)

kelly jeanie said...

Way to go Jacob! Love the pic of the four of you. Seriously, you look 29. Elizabeth's hair looks so cute like that.

Could it be Chris Farley's brother? He is in a new movie.

I hope you get a shower, especially after cleaning up pee and toothpaste. The cable guy might insist you do it while he watches the kids if you smell bad enough. ;)

Miss Hope said...

I have serious issues when you mess with my t.v. viewing pleasure. I can not survive without my HGTV and the ever present Noggin babysitter. I feel your pain.

I'm teaching my son how to load and unload the dishwasher, help with laundry, and take out the recycables. Some woman will thank me one day.

Aunt Becky said...

So glad that Jacob is doing well in school. It can totally help his self-esteem to have such a good teacher. Hooray!

And her hair? ADORABLE. She looks ADORABLE.