Thursday, February 05, 2009

Another Reason I Love Facebook

The doorbell rang yesterday afternoon.

The kids thought it was their friends coming to play, but it wasn't.

The lady in the mail truck brought a package.

My kids LOVE when packages come. It doesn't matter who it's addressed to, they always think it's something for them. There was much jumping and clapping and choruses of open-it-faster-Mom. It's times like those I wish I was on a reality show with cameras in every nook and cranny because it's hard to hold a video camera AND open a tightly sealed box.

Was it toys? Books? The four hundred dollar Lego Death Star, just because?


It was 150 candy bars from Mommy's old high school-now-Facebook friend.

Thank you Mail Lady for bringing them right before dinner.

I'm not one to turn down a gift or a good time. So we had candy bars. Before dinner. And they were good.

Go ahead boys. Keep posing. I just need a few more seconds to reach the rest of your candy.

Mommy's Facebook friend works for a natural and organic foods company. Last month one food supplier had all their products taken off the shelves because their spokesperson died and I guess they figured no one wanted to buy food with a dead person on the label no matter how much money that poor dead person donated to charity from all his profits. I don't know exactly what Mommy's Facebook friend does at her company, but when products get trashed, they go directly back to her. In boxes. On her front porch. A nice little perk I think.

I always knew MFF would give you the shirt off her back.

Or the chocolate from her porch.


Sure beats salad dressing.


Lynsey said...

Nice! Can I steal that friend? :)

Amie said...

No stinkin way! Lucky!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

How crazy is that?? Love the last picture-so funny!

Miss Hope said...

What a way to score! Dang. I need to go check my friend list and see who's got a chocolate connection going on.

Sandy Toes said...

Wow..that is a lot of candy!
-sandy toe

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Hey-I just read your comment on my blog about Valentine's Day...
Here is my e-mail address. If you can, leave me your home address...I have an idea!!!
My e-mail:
(put something in the subject so I don't delete it by accident!!)

Shane said...

I bet those were Paul Newman candy bars! My husband runs a local fancy smancy grocery store (The Fresh Market) and they ahd the same "problem." Yummy! :)