Monday, November 01, 2010

Surrounded by Flamingoes

Damn. I should sign up for NaBloPoMo. I'm on a roll.

I feel like I should get a flag for my yard like the one that says, "Don't Tread on Me" (whose flag is that), but instead say "Don't Fuck With Me".

I am going in the morning, marching right up to the head honcho's office at Jacob's school and demanding an appointment with him ASAP.

Right in front of me as I was sitting in my car, three boys attempted to trip and shove my kid to the ground and then turn to me and make sure I saw. Then the recess teacher came out to me after she brought them in to let me know that the same three boys were shoving Jacob's face into the water fountain and he never could get a drink. The best she could do to them was to tell them to stop it. She relayed it to the teacher who, best to my knowledge, did nothing and dismissed them for the day. I won't bore you about how the same kids pushed mine back and forth because they are forced to let him play sports with them yet no one wants him on their team.

I pulled out the school handbook and where there's lots of consequences for wearing jeans (detention) and not completing assignments (suspension if it happens three times in a row), there was not ONE THING about how to treat others and what would happen if you didn't make a good choice there. In fact, the only mention of how to treat others states:

Students are expected to act in an orderly and respectful manner maintaining Christian standards or courtesy, kindness, purity, morality, and honesty. Students should demonstrate respect for teachers, staff members, other students, parents, visitors, and others at or away from school. Students are not to talk or be out of their seat without permission.

Of course. That stipulation at the end will get us kicked out of there, but nothing specific about how maybe you shouldn't spit on your classmates.

No bully policy whatsoever. Just gotta have respect for others but I'm sure that will be open to interpretation.

Who wants to bet we get asked to leave while the bullies get to stay? They really needed to add that little tidbit about how, well, if you donate tons of money and your kid is big and will likely help us win a regional football championship in a few years, ya'll can do whatever you want. Christian, Schmistian. Jesus was bullied so it'll be allright.

My kid could've lost a tooth today on that water fountain. You can bet I'd be asking those mamas to pay for his dental work. I may need to have him stitched up the next time he hits the pavement because those little devil's feet mysteriously were in the way. I WILL NOT pay for his funeral because some administrator sat there with his head in the sand pretending his school was a wonderful place. I may lose my job and my kids may have no place to attend school after next week, but dammit, someone has to make a stink about this.

Looks like no one else is going to do it, so it may as well be me.


Crazed Nitwit said...

Oh Andria,

This is now getting utterly ridiculous. There has to be a better school that would serve Jacob's needs in a more positive manner. I'm ready to fly down and punch out some of the parents at your current school and I'm not a violent person!!!!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Damnit. Go kick some ass, Andria. You've documented the history of abuse on the blog. I'd print it out and bring them with for extra backup. I'd also mention how I might need to bash their school online with lots of links about bullies ruling the school...