Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday Find

One thing I truly love about coming to West Virginia is the food. You wouldn't think it would be the haven of tasty cuisine, but there is a variety of wonderful restaurants and ethnic speciality foods, and two of the best pizza joints known to mankind. For the rest of my stay here I will use the Friday Finds to report on the foods I find here.

This week I stopped at my favorite grocery store and found in their recently refurbished deli, gorgonzola stuffed green olives. Two of my favorite foods together in one bite...pure heaven. If they weren't $7.99 a pound I would still be noshing on the them. I also picked up some spaghetti sauce and peppers. My friend got me hooked on these eight years ago and then we moved away to a place that has never heard of them. If you could taste these, you would never eat Ragu again.

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Pro-Divorce said...

I have not been to WV, but I would never have thought of it as being known for its cuisine...nor its ethnicity. You learn something new every day.

$7.99 a pound...that's healthy for any type of food.

firstborn said...

how cool!!!! can't wait to see what food find you'll share next week!

i love good tomato sauce! in a couple of months i'll be having my own homegrown toms & i get to make my own sauce! yummy!

andria said...

I guess ethnic wasn't a good choice of words, but what I should have said was that we are very close to Pittsburgh and some of the outlying areas have heavy concentrations of Polish, German, Italian, Russian, and Czech heritage, so we have many types of foods from those areas.