Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Find

It's time for Friday Find by Mary Ann.

My find of the week is DeFelice Pizza. My husband and I found it when I first moved back to West Virginia nine years ago. I had heard people I worked with talk about how good it was so I sent Derick to pick up a pizza on his way home from "town" one afternoon. He called me on his ancient, hooked up to the car cell phone to ask what I wanted on it so I told him everything but mushrooms and anchovies (HATE those). He came home with a thirty dollar pizza! Now, by everything, I figured the pizza basics: onions, peppers, pepperoni, sausage, you know the Pizza Hut way. Well, this pizza was loaded with so many toppings and different kinds of cheese and meat, I had no idea how we were going to eat that, but it was SOOOOO good. They have the best crust I have ever tasted too. We have never been able to find a pizza as good as DeFelice. Everytime we order in at home, we always remark that it's a good pizza, but NOT DeFelice. We have eaten there three times already and the last time I ordered cheese sticks, thinking Adam would eat them (he doesn't like pizza), and how did I live so long without having them before??? I wish I could give you all a huge slice of my favorite pizza, but if you ever drive through this way on the way to DC or the Eastern Seaboard (because, really, why would you be coming here) and spot a DeFelice Pizza, it will be worth the thirty minute side trip to stop in, it is, after all, the best pizza in North America.

*** I have tried to post a picture from their website, but this dang dial up won't let me. You have to check the link to see their pizza and read about the award they won.***


firstborn said...

how cool andria! makes me want to eat some pizza & cheese sticks right now, lol!

thank you so much my dear for your kind words & postive amazed by all my blogging pals, like YOU!

am getting better, still sore, but no worse for the wear!

:) mary ann xo

kelly jeanie said...

Hmm, do you think they deliver to Michigan? :)

Did you go to the rummage sale? Any good finds? Thanks for the info on the "Owen" book...any other books you or your kids like? I'm always on the lookout for good books. :)

looney said... love this pie called PIZZA! mouth is totally watering and what a great find! thanks for sharing such a scrumptious find and wish i could have a slice of your piece of heaven! ;) looney