Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day was weird for us this year. The kids spent it with Grandpa instead of Daddy for the first time. If my husband didn't consider the day just another Hallmark holiday, I would probably be sad about it, but it will probably be the last time this occurance will happen, so I hope he had a good day all on his own.

We gave Grandpa a new television and spanking new hernia to go along with it. It was classic, though, I pictured this wonderful day with the grandchildren and instead he injured himself lugging his brand new tv into the house, we bought a take out lunch that he couldn't stomach, and Jacob was in rare form climbing the walls literally, so Grandpa spent the afternoon watching Old School alone on his new electronics. So, no, I didn't get any good Father's Day pictures with Grandpa.

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. My husband and I have been married...let's years. WOW. It sure doesn't seem like that long, yet in some ways it feels like a lifetime. I have a good husband. I made a good choice. There is a reason I didn't get married until I was 30 and, no, it wasn't because I couldn't find anyone else. In fact, I found plenty of anyone elses, I was just smart enough not to marry them. Little story: The first time I met my husband I didn't like him. AT ALL. He seemed condescending and rude and completely full of himself and I was appalled that my sister wanted me to meet him because she felt we were "perfect" for each other. She continued to try and pawn him off on me for a couple years and I would laugh and continue to date complete losers just to have something to do and one day 11 summers ago (eleven? dang, I am old) he showed up for dinner at my parent's house when I just happened to be home for a visit, and the rest, as they say, is history. Once I realized I liked him, I knew I would marry him because he was everything I had been waiting for.....
Fast forward seven years and here we are, no longer just us but with a houseful of kids and pets. It ain't all wine and roses, shoot, it ain't even beer and poppies half the time, but we keep going. I am grateful to have found a good father to help me raise these boys, just hate that he missed spending Father's Day with them.


Jennifer said...

I hope Grandpa feels better. Hey what is Grandpa doing watching Old school anyways?

sweet memories said...

I have come to accept that holidays and special days are simply whatever they end up being...I used to have such high expectations of what they 'should' be and it sounds as though you are very accepting of what your husband wanted to do..which is nice after all those years being married...we usually spend the time just the 3 of us, just becasue we dont get much else time together..but I worked all husband and kayla just went out by themselves on our boat and had some fun...she wrote out the letters for Happy Fathers Day which meant a lot and I just got my dads stuff in the mail on time which was a major accomplishment. It is nice that your kids have their grandpa close by...I long for a family that is physically closer...sometimes i get so dragged down and just feel like there is no one to help...I love reading your posts, they are just realist, funny and the same time I learn from them on how to accept husbands, kids and things just the way they are, thank you I can see your smile when you write...I am glad Maryann introduced me to you...I have to get ready now for the playdate today that I struggle with...and decide if I am going to go to the baby shower for one of the preschool teachers tonight, I dont really click extremely well with all the mothers, just a few, maybe I should go and just hang out with them..not sure yet...bla bla bla...wish you were next door to chat!

firstborn said...

hi andria!

i'm back to the living , though barely (it hurts to sit/move)...but when i was in the hospital yesterday, i saw that houston got a terrible flood & i thought of you immediately! i hope your hubby & your home are okay!!!! it looked pretty devasting on cnn...i have cousing who are scattered about there, but i'm not close to them...funny i thought of YOU before i even thought of them!

anyway, congratulations on our wedding anniversary! from learning about you & your wonderful family on your blog, i'm happy that you are happy that you found & married your hub>>>he's the winner, you know!!!

big hugs & thinking of you wicked!
mary ann xo

andria said...

We aren't usually physically close to the grandparents. They live in WV, we live in TX. My husband and I agreed that spending an extended amount of time with them this summer would be good, he is working long hours and this may be our last opportunity as school starts in the fall.

Thanks for the concern, Mary Ann, Houston was a mess yesterday. My husband was about the only one who made it to his job, so he was swamped, but we got no water in the house, the yard was a little messy though and the poor dog is so scared of thunder and had to be alone all day, that was the worst part for us. Hope you are feeling better.

Amie said...

LOL Beer and about kool-aid and dandelions?

Lynsey said...

It's been 10 years since I've gotten to actually spend Father's Day with my Dad...we are 3,000 miles apart. While it really is just a holiday for Hallmark to make a few extra billion dollars, it's also a day to reflect on the memories I've made with him. There are so many, which is never a bad thing I suppose. So every year I send a card, call him to tell him "happy fathers day" (in a loud voice-he's borderline deaf) and then shoot the breeze about the happenings in our lives. I'm grateful for the opportunity to chat with him, because I know that our daddies can't stick around forever.