Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

Just when I thought we were clear of the bug, it strikes again!

Adam is the latest casuality of "the stomach crud". Nothing is sadder than seeing a baby puke. It totally blows his mind and he has no idea what is happening to him. I guess it will make it's way through my parents too and I am sure our friends in Memphis have picked it up by now as well and who knows how many people we spread it to in that motel.

Who else watched Katie Couric's last Today show yesterday? I love the Today show. I love Katie, Matt, Al, and Ann, they are like friends to me. How could Katie leave us all like that for the BORING evening news? How can she be sweet and spunky and entertain America in such a somber setting? Why does the world have to change? Oh Katie, please say you changed your mind and you will stay with Matt and banter with him shamelessly forever. I can't watch Meredith Viera do it. Oh, and don't even get me started on Rosie doing The View this fall. I won't be able to stomach that.

Let's Make a Deal will be on tv tonight. I LOVE that show. When Jacob was a baby and after 9/11 we started watching Game Show Network because there was nothing else on and we got hooked. They don't show it anymore and Jacob is more of a Family Feud kind of guy now, but I hope I can get a reprieve in the puke for a while so we can see some of it tonight. It's amazing what kinds of little things can make you happy when you get so old.

My little hometown here has entered the 21st century and joined the rest of America by housing that big blue giant store you are all so familiar with. It's nice because we don't have to drive half an hour for diapers, but at the same time it sucks because what little small town charm this place did have is being blown away by the big parking lot and fancy Subway inside. It makes Jacob happy...that much closer for the grandparents to spoil him rotten with Cars merchandise.


Jennifer said...

I hope Adam feels better! I hate it when anybody gets sick when we are out of town that really sucks.

Shane said...

Take in all the WV scenery for me too while you're there! Have a safe trip home. Hope everyone gets better soon.

Lynsey said...

Just wanted to say that I feel for you on the Katie Couric situation. I've woken up to that show for years and while she actually honestly kind of annoyed me, I still watched her and Matt every single morning. I don't like when people mess with my mornings. Routine is precious to me.

Hope everyone gets rid of that awful bug you seem to be spreading state to state! :-) I am not a mom yet, but I heard pedialyte works wonders for the pukes and the poops?