Wednesday, May 31, 2006

We Made It!

WHEW....what a trip!

We have arrived at my mom's...finally. We are all better, just waiting to see if Adam catches it now, but glad to be at "home" if it happens. We currently are without an air conditioner and sweating profusely. It figures that last week it was in the sixties here but it's in the nineties this week and the repairmen can't come until Monday so we are in for an interesting few days.

The southern WV trip was a bust, as you read from my previous post. It wasn't a wasted trip, though. I was able to meet my best high school friend for dinner and finally meet her four month old son. We also got a three hour nap in the COOL motel room which was AWESOME!

I still have no idea what happened to my blog yesterday, I am guessing the hotel's free wireless was the culprit as it seems to be working fine today. I posted about three posts yesterday trying to get one to come up, so I must have deleted some of your comments and for that I am sorry. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from now on. They have dial up here and it is ssslllooowwww. I forgot how much I hated that. I will post some pictures later on when I can get a better connection. I am going to try to catch up reading my blogs as well. I feel lost.


Jennifer said...

Glad you made it safe! Don't you hate ssslllooowww dial-up. That's too funny!

Pro-Divorce said...

I can't sleep in the heat...I feel for you.

Lynsey said...

Heat and young children never seem to quite mix either. I wish you luck until the repairman comes.