Monday, May 08, 2006

Pillow Fight

Here is my sweet Adam.....still asleep at 9 a.m.! Why, oh why couldn't he have been born first?? His brother gets up at 6:45 EVERY SINGLE DAY and has since he was 8 months old. I would've loved to have slept until 9 for the last five years! Of course, this sleeping baby comes with a price. Adam MUST sleep in bed with us. We spent many nights trying to deposit him in the 500 dollar crib that has never been slept in and finally decided that our sleep trumped his independent sleep skills, so he has been cozily nestled between us ever since. SO, when he was teeny, I barely slept a wink because I had tremendous fears that my unconscious husband would roll over and smother him to death, NOW, I barely sleep because this little monster spends his night trying to kick me out of the bed AND trying to steal my pillow.

I should back up here and explain about the pillow. I was never one of those people who carted a pillow around. In fact, I would scoff at you if you came in my house with your own pillow and think "It's a pillow, will it hurt you to sleep without it for one freaking night?" Then I went up to the lake once when I was pregnant with Adam and climbed into the bed with my mom to watch some tv and I ended up on her pillow. It was pure heaven. I told her how comfortable it was and pulled the pregnant card and she gave it to me....that is how good my mom is. She actually gave me the pillow from under her head to make me happy. I have slept with that pillow ever since. I refuse to use any others and I now cart that thing with me if we are going to sleep away from home, so SORRY to all you pillow-lovers for never having understood the depths you would go to for your pillow.

SO.....a few months ago, Adam decided he also liked my pillow. I would let him have a little corner and he seemed satisfied, but recently he would like me to relinquish the pillow so he has come up with head butting, eye poking, and squirmy moves in hopes that I will just scoot off and leave him to that fine pillow all his own. I tried getting him his own pillow, but he actually threw it on the floor and refused to use it. Derick tried to share his pillow, but nothing doing. He wants MY pillow and, unlike my own mother, I ain't sharing! So, we continue to play a nightly game of push and shove and now, at 9:20 he is still sleeping because he has gained the coveted prize. He does sleep so soundly on that thing and seems so comfortable. I bet if I moved it into his crib, he would sleep there all night.....BUT, that's not gonna happen. That's my pillow!


Shane H. said...

That is just too hilarious. I too have been a certified pillow toter since I was a young girl. If I'm away from home, my pillow is too. I'm just glad you now understand and we gladly welcome you to the "pillow toter's club!"

kelly jeanie said...

What a beautiful picture.

I second Shane...too funny! Sounds like he knows what he wants.

I'm not to picky about how a pillow feels but if it smells funny I have a hard time sleeping, so I'll bring my pillow with my own funny smell on it. Hotel pillows are usually fine for me. Maybe I just haven't met Mr. Right Pillow yet.

Pro-Divorce said...

That's a good looking little man you have sharing the bed with you. Cute little boy.

I feel your pain regarding the pillow and the loss of your bed. My little one loves to sleep in our bed, but is generally content in his own.

By the way, it appears Titus was out for three seasons and is out on DVD.

Jennifer said...

I made the sleeping in the bed with us mistake with the first one and learned my lesson. So the twins have never slept in our bed luckily because I don't know how we would fit two of them in there.

firstborn said...

hi andria!

what a delightful post!

seriously, you should consider writing a book!

your stuff is wonderful to read and your sense of humor shines through!

love it!

mary ann :)