Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday Find

Mary Ann has started Friday Finds over at her blog, Follow Your Bliss. She is an artist and does amazing things with her finds. I think it is meant to be more crafty kinds of finds, but since I packed up most of my crafty things last weekend so that my youngest wouldn't snack on them, I came up with something a little different.

This is my cat, Phoebe. It is her birthday today, she is eleven years old. I found her in July 1995 at a pet store in Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach. I had a cat, found her at the pound, but when I moved to Virginia Beach my mom kept her until I found a place that took pets and when I went back to rescue her, she wouldn't come willingly and my mom sobbed in the driveway, so I was minus one cat. I was in the mall and walked by that pet store and they had three cages with three kittens each in them. I can never pass up an animal, so I went over for a quick look and there she was, covered in cat litter, wet from sitting in her own pee I am sure, and meowing at me like "please help me, feed me, rescue me". She was so pitiful and that pet store was a mess, I wanted to take them all home, along with all those sad puppies inside, but Phoebe reached out and smacked me on the arm and I was hooked. We have been tight ever since. Her price tag said 29.99....the best thirty bucks I have ever spent. We spent some time living just the two of us. She would play fetch with me in the evenings after work and curl up at my feet to sleep. If I went out with a guy, I brought them home to meet the cat. If they didn't like her or vice versa, I didn't see them again. Derick walked right in and went straight for her and played fetch for an hour, I always tell him it is because of her I married him. She has tolerated the changes in our lives, although I can tell she would love to have some more quiet time these days. She wasn't happy when Jacob came along although she is beginning to take up with him, maybe because he is calming down some or maybe because she is older and not as quick on her feet, I even caught her in bed with him the other day. She loves Adam and he loves her. The only "word" he ever says is "kee" She sits still while he "pets" her and even lets him pull her stub of a tail.
Phoebe lost her tail during the whole Hurricane Rita evacuation chaos. Someone, I suspect Jacob and Bryce, shut her tail in a tight door. She must have been hiding behind it as I found the tip by the hinge side...I'll wait while you all cringe.....thank goodness someone had the sense to find some liquid bandage and patch her up, but in the course of all that went on in the following two weeks, I forgot to take her to the vet when we returned home and the tail got infected and well, you can figure out the rest. Poor, poor catty. She took it in stride, though, and healed well. She is my first baby, my girl in this house full of boys, like I said, the best thirty bucks I ever spent and a real find. Happy Birthday Phoebe!


firstborn said...

hi andria!

this is absolutely perfect for friday's finds!!!!!!!!

"friday's finds" is about what inspires you, tickles your fancy, captures your imagination, melts your heart... i said it could be anything and the only requirement is that it be "found"...

and you just did that!!!!!

and your phoebe looks a lot like my bailey!!!!!!!

happy birthday sweet phoebe (love that name!)!!!

and BRAVO andria!

:) mary ann oxox

Jennifer said...

to get the spf sign right click on it and click save target it will save on your desktop then bring it back up like a pic but the trick is to bring up your pics last to first. give it a try.

kelly jeanie said...

Aww, poor kitty! That's so cute that Adam says "kee"...adorable. What a great cat to have for your kids.

Oh and Andria...consider yourself tagged. :) I know I should tag after being tagged...I'm just too chicken, lol.

Pro-Divorce said...

Phoebe looks like my kitty Sneaky, except I didn't notice Phoebe up on the kitchen countertops.

andria said...

I just don't take pictures of her on the countertops because then my husband might notice that I allow it while he isn't here.

I also allow the dog to sleep on the couch as's their home too.

Pro-Divorce said...

Agreed about the pets...our smallest dog sleeps under the damn covers with us.