Monday, May 01, 2006

Life at the Lake

We're back! We had a lot of fun at the lake this weekend. It rained all day Saturday, but the rest of the time it was beautiful so it wasn't a complete washout. Jacob went fishing with the guys yesterday and caught two fish! He was sooo excited, yet disappointed that he couldn't bring them home as pets. I, of course, have no pictures of it as my husband could not bring a camera onto the boat because that might distract him from the fish biting. I did, however, recreate the moment to take this shot of what I am sure it must have been like out on the water. Why didn't I just go along you ask? Aside from the fact that it was as hot as Hades, I spent most of the weekend took me forever to figure it out and I have blisters on my fingers, but I can now say I know how to knit AND purl. All I have to show for it is this:
but I see booties and blankets in my future....after I grow my fingerprints back.

We woke up to a nice surprise on Saturday morning: pouring rain, tornado warnings, and fifth disease! I can now add illness number six to Jacob's list. They posted a sign at Jacob's school Thursday afternoon stating they were having an outbreak and I knew then we were in for it. NOW the snotty kids decide to share! He looks absolutely horrible, but seems fine. Adam is starting to look red around the eyes so I figure he's not far behind. At least it got me out of a meeting I didn't really want to attend this morning.

Yeah, he looks like a sick kid doesn't he?

At one point this weekend my dad and Jacob worked together to put wood preserver, or whatever that stinky stuff was, on the porch swing. Jacob was thrilled to be helping, especially "painting" and he did a pretty good job with it. My dad told Jacob, a few times even, "Whatever you do, don't put that brush in your mouth". You see, Jacob has a BBBAAADDD habit of putting everything he sees in his mouth. Swinging on a swing. Must put the chains in his mouth. Taking a bath. Must put the bar of soap in his mouth. Eating dinner at CiCis. Must walk around restaurant and drink out of everyone's cup. It's really a wonder he hasn't caught some horrible disease, but I digress. So the rain lets up some and my dad walks out to the end of the yard (far, far away) leaving Jacob with the can of deck stain ALONE. I, of course, was inside knitting. I was oblivious to all goings on with my children..I mean, those people raised me, I lived to tell about it. Surely they can keep my kids from killing themselves. So, Jacob comes running inside yelling, "I think I drank the poison, my mouth is all hot and my body is getting all hot!!" WHAT? So we play twenty questions. Did you chew on the brush? No. Did you drink the can of stain? No. Did you even look at the can? No. He is still sure he has been poisoned and is going to die so I start to call poison control when I spot a bar glass outside, empty. Did you drink out of Grandpa's glass, Jacob? Yes. AAHHH, he took a snort of Grandpa's scotch, it made him all warm and tingly and tasted horrible so, obviously, it must have been poison. I will remind him of this when he is trying to sneak whiskey out of the house when he is in high school.


firstborn said...

hi andria!

welcome home :)

your stories about your kids and family are too precious!!!!

love them...keep them coming!!!!!

your post today made me smile wicked big!

thank you,

:) mary ann

kelly jeanie said...

Okay Andria, any tips for a fellow newbie knitter? I am so jealous of that hat (it is a hat, right?)! All I've managed is a small lopsided square. I need to try again.

That's too funny about Jacob's run-in with Grandpa's scotch. I'm glad you guys had a fun weekend!

andria said...

That is not a hat. It is 20 rows of garter stitch, my first attempt at anything. Do not ask me how it turned into a trapezoid, I believe I increased stitches without even knowing it. I have a ways to go before I can actually knit "something". It does suck you in, though. As if I need another hobby I cannot keep up with.

kelly jeanie said...

Hehe Andria, I know exactly what you mean. I really should finish the monkey I'm crocheting and the quilt I'm, well, quilting before I start knitting. My only goal is to knit a hat for my son before winter. I was hoping that would be this coming winter, but I suppose some future winter would also work too. :)