Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday Finds

It's Friday, that means time for Friday Finds by Mary Ann. Be sure to let her know if you played.

I had totally intended to post about a piece of Lenox I found at an antique store for a garage sale price BUT I couldn't get a picture that you could actually see so I "found" something else.

I found this picture of Laura and Jacob under our couch in a box with a bunch of photos I need to scrapbook....eventually. I love finding these pictures. They usually tend to pop up whenever I have had a bad day and am needing some solace. It really is like she is reaching out from beyond to me and it makes me happy. This picture was taken that week in July when she drew the picture for me. Anytime we were with my sister's family, Jacob stuck close to Laura. She was, and still is, his favorite cousin. He tells me frequently that he sees Laura and she talks to him in his dreams. This picture is the best one I have. It is exactly as she was, the jewelry on the fingers, the hair behind her ears, and that forever smile on her face. I am still sad at the thought that she will remain like that forever, but I do hope that she is in a happy place...talking to my big dude in his dreams.


Jennifer said...

Sweet! I know one day when Jacob is older he will treasure this picture.

firstborn said...


this was so incredibly poignant!

& yes, please make a special spot in your garden at the lake...i think your jacob [& adam too] will love to visit there!

hugs to you,
mary ann xo

kelly jeanie said...

She's lovely. What a great picture.

Tracey said...

She certainly was a lovely young lady. Thanks for sharing such sweet stories about her.