Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Is it Hump Day already?

It's down to the wire on American Idol. Three contestants remain with one hitting the highway tonight. My TV Guide came in the mail yesterday with a big picture of Katherine obscuring the guys while practically bending over backwards to show off her tatas when I finally realized who she reminded me of.....Britney Spears, and really do we need another? My take on last nights show, if you care:

Elliott: You gotta feel for him, what with the hearing loss and bad teeth AND he has a great voice, but he is all about that Harry Connick and Michael Buble thing, which he does well, but I don't think that type of album will be marketable. I am to the point where I believe the votes don't count anyway after Chris, the good one, was sent packing, so I think ole Clive Davis will cut him tonight and that's a shame because I wonder if someone would pick him up, he probably needs to win more than the others. Whatever that song was that Paula picked for him, he did really well.
Katherine: Simon picked "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for her and I love it when he gets things right. She kicked it on that song, I even began to like her some, but the other two songs sucked, so no, I don't like her and hope she goes home tonight.
Taylor: He gave the only good, consistant performances of the night. Without Chris there to entertain the masses, it really was a boring show, but Taylor helped it out. Randy picked a Joe Cocker tune for him and he did an awesome job. He sang "Dancing in the Dark" and my little dude climbed out of the chair and danced with a bottle hanging out of his mouth for the duration. For that alone he should win.


Our new table arrived yesterday! It's nice to have all that extra room and it actually flows with the rest of the furniture, unlike Old Table who stuck out like a sore thumb. Derick actually found a spot for it in our toy room (yes, we have a toy room, it's that bad) so OT has a new lease on life. My husband is so anal about the table. We MUST keep a table cloth on it.
I MUST go out this afternoon to buy placemats. The kids MUST not sit in the chairs (we kept two of the old chairs for them). The kids MUST not look at the table. I am sure it is only a matter of time before we are actually eating off the floor so as not to spill something on the precious table. I would have posted a picture of our table, but you can't see it for the table cloths and protective bubble, so here is the catalog pic. Nice, huh?


We have forty bazillion things to do today. One of them is travel the 30 minute drive to the bank to take out 20 bucks because cook book toting mama CALLED me yesterday collecting money to buy gift cards for the teachers. I really, really didn't want to give them money, BUT they are all having the kids sign a card who contribute and basically, Jacob would have been the only one left out and I don't want that, plus I love his teachers, why should they suffer? The conversation was hysterical, though, very reminiscent of Mean Girls, I almost expected a third line to be open. I did get the fake compliment though, "You have such sweet boys" and "why don't we get together sometime" yet when I went to pick up my boy, she walked right past me with nary a shrug. As much as I hate it, I am going to miss it, provides for a good laugh most days.


Tracey said...

Geez, $20 for a gift for the preschool teachers?!? Wow. He really DOES go to a fancy school!

kelly jeanie said...

LOL...make sure you take some pictures of you guys eating off of the floor while your new table gleams in the background.

At least she called...ugh, though, she's unreal. All she had to do was say hi, for crying out loud.

Pro-Divorce said...

Damn, I missed American Idol???

firstborn said...

pretty dining room set!

Shane said...

It really is a pretty table. Loe that it has 8 chairs but is still compact. I spent 20 bucks on my son's preschool teacher too...a gift certificate to our local teacher's supply store.

andria said...

Oh, it only came with 4 chairs, you have to pay extra for the others.