Monday, May 22, 2006

It's Just Another Manic Monday.....

I like Monday, really I do. I like getting back into our routine after a fun weekend of it being turned upside down, but this is the last Monday we will have here for a while and it makes me kind of sad. The kids and I are going up to West Virginia this weekend and will be staying a few weeks with the grandparents. The Daddy has a project at work all of June that will keep him burning the midnight oil and Jacob starts school in August, so I figured if we wanted to spend some time up there NOW is the time! PLUS, it gets me out of the neighborhood for most of the summer so you can't beat that!

BUT, I am a real creature of habit. I don't do change well. I like knowing what I am doing each day of the week and going up there and meshing into my mom's routine, with two children and a cat, may be hard to do. I will miss doing things my way BUT I am excited. We haven't been up north in over a year and I miss my friends. It will be nice to call them on the phone and be able to meet them on a whim just to hang out again.

Don't think you are getting rid of me so easily, though. I have a brand new laptop coming with me so I will be able to give you the WV view from time to time.

I just wanted to share the picture of my two boys on the slide together. Adam can climb onto the jungle gym, so hanging out in the hammock while they play is no longer an option. Jacob loves having him up there with him, though, even if I do freak that he will fall backward and break his tiny neck.

We have a pool party this morning. Jacob received an invitation to an end-of-the-year party hosted by one of his friends and we will be attending that this morning. YEP, the boys and me and all my closest preschool mama friends together for THREE hours. Quick....what kinds of alcohol have no smell and can give you a quick buzz, yet leave you able to drive home? I am soooo not looking forward to this. I considered skipping it, but Jacob reallllly wants to go so I decided to suck it up JUST THIS ONCE. But while we are here, let me ask your opinion on something: Attached to the invitation (a fancy one I might add) was a slip of paper giving directions AND a little note stating to be sure to bring a towel, sunscreen, and money because we are all going to pitch in and order a pizza and BYOB your drink. is that normal? Have I been shelling out dough on all my kid's parties when I should have been collecting at the door? Maybe I am the snob here, go ahead you can say it, but that just doesn't seem right to me. NOW if we were all friends and decided to get together sans invitations, I would be all for that, but to me it's like inviting someone to your wedding, yet asking them to bring some flowers, or maybe the unity candle. AH, but I digress. we are still going to the party, we are going to chip in for pizza, and I am going to have fun, DAMMIT, chasing little guy away from the water and watching big guy play with his friends. Even if it kills me.


WARNING: There will be swearing. If that offends you, please read no further. just about killed me. WHY did I even consider doing that? I am a glutton for punishment, I will never learn. It was the clique, their kids, me, my kids. They sat around a table in the shade while my BABY and I sat out in the blazing sun across the pool. I tried to be polite and wheel us on in there around the table, I mean, what DO you do in that situation? You appear rude and aloof if you sit away, yet you aren't invited over, do you just go for it or wait? PLEASE fill me in on this piece of etiquette because I am at a loss. We trekked over and made a little spot for us, but I turned around to get something for Jacob and when I came back someone had taken my chair so Adam and I went back to our sun spot for the duration. The kids had a good time, at first, but at the end three of the boys were just MEAN to Jacob. He would be in his ring, and they would push him to the deep end and leave him there and laugh at him while he tried hard not to cry. The point in which I left early was when two of the boys were bouncing balls off Jacob's head while he bobbed out there in the deep while I was trying to steer him to safety. I told those boys, loudly, to please refrain from the ball throwing and they laughed at me and then those kid's big, fat mamas told them, "just go on and play, boys, have a good time". So they continued to wing balls at my kid and everyone thought that was ok. In fact, one big, fat mama took pictures. What the fuck? Oh, man my blood boiled. You can mess with me, but DON'T mess with my kid! So I got in that woman's face and said:


Well, no I didn't. I wanted to say that, but I hate confrontation and I really don't want to teach my son to fight, so we packed up and left. OH, and the pizza. I didn't get one damn slice of the pizza. I put a piece on a plate and went off to keep Adam from tumbling head first into the water and when I returned someone had thrown that AND the three drinks I brought for us away. GEE, thanks bitches. You can be sure they woofed down their fair share AND I know that at least two of them didn't pay a dime. Am I the only person who goes through this? Please tell me that the rest of my life will not be like this. Only one more day....I hope I can make it.


andria said...

Jennifer and Pro-D,

I got your comments on this post, but something screwy is going on with my blog. In trying to fix it, I lost the comments, sorry. I also did not erase my blogroll, don't know what is going on with it.

kelly jeanie said...

Unfracking believable! How can they be so cruel! I'm glad you restrained took the high road, good for you. I hope you have a fabulous time in West Virginia and don't give them a second thought.

firstborn said...

yeah, ditto what kelly jeanie said above!

& thank goodness you're taking your laptop with ya!!!!!

have a great time in wv!!!!

:) mary ann