Monday, May 15, 2006

What my son thinks of me

** Two posts in one day....and I still haven't told you about Batman yet!**

This came from Jennifer. Her's was cute, so I thought I would give it a shot. I was surprised that my budding artist would stop long enough this morning so I could "interview" him. Here is Jacob's take on Moms:

What is a Mommy? It's a thing that takes care of you. Mom's are good to you and take care of you. (apparently I am a thing, I guess I need to go over nouns with him).

What do Mommies do? They feed you breakfast, lunch, and dinner and they love trains.
(Yeah, I guess I do love trains, who would've thunk)

What do you like best about your Mommy? I like it when you buy stuff for me and we have fun. (I guess I can't complain about that...I introduced him to shopping and shoot, I love when people buy things for me too)

What do you not like about your Mommy? I don't like when you put me in time out (of course, if you wouldn't misbehave you wouldn't be there, but he never will get that)

What are things Mommies can't do? Mommies can't back out of the garage or go to Jamba Juice (I broke the side mirror off our car once and when I was pregnant and craving Jamba Juice I got cut off in traffic, slammed on my brakes and the strawberry fusion smoothies flew all over the car...there is still a faint berry smell and the mats have a slight pink tint to them. Dad has forbidden Jamba Juice.)


Jennifer said...

Those were cute answers. About that Jamba Juice kids never forget anything do they?

Shane said...

That is just too cute! I'm going to interview my two boys and see what they come up with too. Thanks for the idea.

kelly jeanie said...

Aww! That's so adorable.

firstborn said...

gotta love the kid perspectives!