Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday Six

I got this from Jennifer, who got it from Kelly. Jacob answered the questions grudgingly....

1. When you see Mom or Dad on the computer, what are they doing? They are trying to help people. Yes, son, I help all those people in the blogosphere by posting beautiful pictures of you.
2. How does a telephone work? When it rings you pick it up. Unless it's the inlaws....
3. When you play a game at an arcade, what happens to the coin you use to start the game? It goes into a slot to make it work. AANNNDDD?
4. How does milk stay cold? in the freezer. He might be able to elaborate more on that if he actually drank milk
5. What makes the car move? You turn it on with the key and then the air pushes it. Is he saying I am full of hot air?
6. How does a radio work? When you press the button it starts.


Jennifer said...

Yeah!! Good answers. Clay probley thinks I'm crazy asking him to answer these questions. He said "not another quiz".

firstborn said...

how cute!