Thursday, May 25, 2006

In case you were under a rock last night......

It's over!!!!

American Idol is over, WHAT will I do on Tuesday and Wednesday nights? I am pleased to report, as if you hadn't already heard, that Taylor beat Katherine for the title and for that I am happy, I know it was my two votes that pushed him over the edge so the forty minutes I spent trying to get through wasn't in vain. I don't think Katherine is suffering much, I am sure she has a pretty hefty record deal sewed up and that brand new mustang is nice, but at least I don't have to see her on the morning/late night shows for the next month. Some recaps:

* Mandisa proved she truly belonged in the final four as she sang circles around Katherine and the other girls.
* Chris sang with the band Live and now I am glad he did not win because he does so much better with a band. Hope he takes Fuel up on their offer.
* Ace was there and that was good. It was so nice to see a good looking guy again.
* Can I love Elliott anymore? They just show his mama for a millisecond and I am in tears. When she introduced him as "my Elliott Yamin" I wanted to jump through the screen and hug her. I hope he cuts an album because I am buying a copy for me and all my closest friends (watch out, ya'll!). I want him to make lots of money so he can lavish his mom in luxury, ala Clay Aiken, which speaking of:
* Clay Aiken showed up. It took me a good two minutes to figure out it was him. If you are trying to make people think you are not gay, honey, that look is not the way to go about it.
* The whole American Idol awards thing was just stupid. Another way to kill time so we cannot switch over and watch the Lost finale.
* Just when I thought Kellie couldn't get any stupider she agreed to some lame skit with Wolfgang Puck (which was weird in itself) where she couldn't even sound out the word shanghai or escargot. Did she not realize they were making fun of her? I don't like her much, but I truly felt sorry for her last night; reminded me of junior high kids picking on a slower child. I hope she was paid well for it.
* PRINCE sang! On American Idol. WHY? Does he have an album or tour he needs to promote? I was quite surprised to see him there, although YEAH! I love Prince, it inspired me to load my CD changer with all my Prince CDs, but is he that hard up for exposure? It just didn't seem like his thing to me.

Anybody watch the Lost finale last night?


Jennifer said...

I didn't think that anybody was outstanding this season. I agree Mandisa was good last night. I missed the end. Sorry I don't watch Lost!!

Pro-Divorce said...

Still don't know anything about American Idol except the one chick has a future in Playboy should she want it.

I spent 3.5 hours watching Lost on Tivo (Hayden and the dogs weren't cooperating) only to find out I lost (no pun intended) the satellite feed due to the weather with 15 minutes to however it ended, I do not know.

andria said...

I watched it this morning...where did you end up?

Pro-Divorce said...

Jack, Kate and the gang had been caught and blindfolded. Douchebag Michael just reunited with Walt and Henry Gale had just paid Jack and the others a visit.

Desmond had just killed the one guy from the hatch and Eko and Charlie had just tried to blow themselves up.

Sayid had just ransacked the empty village.

andria said...

Ok, lets see what I can remember:

Sayid and crew got captured as well. Henry Gale, I guess he's their leader, let Michael have the boat and they left.

Eko is passed out and Charlie leads him out of the hatch and goes back to the camp.

Desmond has a flashback to when he came running back from killing that guy and the alarm was going off and screaming system failure and everything got real magnetic until he pushed in the numbers, he goes to the computer papers, finds the date of the plane crash (9/22/04) and sees the system failure on it and tells John that he made the plane crash and to punch in the numbers but Locke throws the computer on the ground breaking it, so Desmond runs down while the alarm is screaming (not a flashback) and takes that big key and turns it. Before he turns it, though, the magnetic force continues to get stronger, they show the others camp and the lost camp and they are hearing a really loud screechy noise and the sky turns purple, until Desmond turns that key and then things in the hatch start to fall apart and eventually everything on the island goes back to normal, but from what I can guess the hatch is disintegrated with Desmond inside.

Charlie goes back to Claire like nothing happened to Locke and Eko, like don't try to save them, just leave them there and she kisses him and then they flash to a plane with some Russians (my best guess) who notice some magnetic thing in their plane is going off and then they pick up the phone and call someone saying they have located some sort of magnetic thing, Im not good with technical mumbo jumbo, and they show the person on the other line and it's Desmonds girlfriend. AND that was that.

andria said...

OH, and the others sent Hurley back to tell the rest of the camp never to come looking for Sawyer and crew.