Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about My Mom Has Done For Me This Week

1. Bathed my children nightly

2. Read stories to Jacob every night and made sure his teeth are brushed before bed.

3. Swept and mopped my nasty floors

4. Discovered moths and moth larvae (gross) in pantry and spent an entire day cleaning it out and wiping it down with chemicals so I wouldn't have to do it "in my condition"

5. Did all the laundry PLUS she ironed

6. Drove thirty minutes each way to my favorite BBQ joint just because I said it sounded kind of good

7. Spent way too much money on said BBQ and all my favorite sides just to make me happy

8. Changed all the poopy diapers since they now make me gag

9. Located coveted Curious George video and purchased it for first son making for at least an hour of uninterrupted clean/nap time

10. Wrestled Adam to sleep at both nap and bed times which is a major undertaking

11. Trained dog to stay off couch and away from upstairs

12. Changed cat litter box and cleaned it out daily

13. Showed up on my door step when she needed to be home because she knew I would have a rough time with these kids while battling the dry heaves and insomnia. I have the best mom ever!

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kelly jeanie said...

Your mom is awesome.

I did it! I've been working on this post for three weeks, lol.

Michelle said...

What a wonderful mom you have! I'm glad she's able to help you out!

Sadie said...

You DO have a great Mom! I bet you are one, too.

Happy TT.

Shane H. said...

What a great mom. Lucky you!

av無碼性愛 said...