Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Okay, so I'm a day late. Sue me.

We went to the lake for the holiday and I completely unplugged the entire time. No internet, no television (except for a little March Madness. Go Mountaineers!) (Oh, and Memphis. Yeah).

The kids all got fevers while we were there but that didn't keep them from going out and enjoying the beautiful weather. It did keep them up all night long and since the husband had to be up very early to fish every day guess who got night (and day) duty the entire time? I need a vacation to rest up from the vacation.

Oh, and the husband pretty much told the kids there was no Easter Bunny.

That was fun.

The man has a Mensa IQ but he can't keep from yelling, "Look hard for the eggs kids, Grandpa's a great egg hider." over and over even after the kids corrected him.

Apparently he doesn't "do" the Easter Bunny.

That would've been nice to know before we hid the eggs and put out baskets.

Or before we hyped Santa to them for the past seven years.

I'm not too heartbroken over the Easter Bunny, but I think my big kid is figuring out the fat red-suited man as well. He totally looked as though the wind had been knocked from him

Way to ruin two holidays in one breath, Dad.

Is it too early for therapy?

Thanks for the cool Star Wars figure Easter Bunny. Or Mom. Whoever.

At least Elizabeth wasn't phased.

What's an Easter Bunny??


JaniceNW said...

No offense but your dh is a yahoo. One can fish any freakin' time of day. Jeesh. I would have plopped a kid on his lap and gone and taken a walk at 2a.m.. The kids look great but you, my friend, deserve at least 12 hours at a spa!!!!!!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Very cute pictures!! Sorry about the fevers. Hope everyone is feeling better.

SydneyDawn said...

Cute pictures! Sorry about the Easter Bunny stuff. Half the fun of the holiday is the awe in their faces that a magical bunny visited and brought them stuff. I'm sorry that your husband took that from you and them.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Mr. There's No Easter Bunny deserves a good swat. Or two. Way to ruin the illusion, buster!

I hope everybody is feeling better. Sick or not, they looked adorable!

Lynsey said...

I have Memphis winning in my bracket! Yeah!

I'm jealous that you got a photo of the kids on damn camera wasn't back from the Canon repair shop yet so I have nothing of Brendan's first Easter. Of course it arrived today though, so maybe I'll dress him up in his outfit and take a picture, nobody will even notice.

Cute photos!!

Becky said...

Hoppy Easter! Get it? GET IT?

(and I ALWAYS need a vacation from vacation. This is why we don't travel right now).

Tracey said...

Your dh is a piece of work... Sigh...

I thought of you and your picture problems when I posed all 3 of mine on the couch this year. I'll have to do a post of just the photos soon, cuz they're interesting, to say the least!

Miss Hope said...

Easter 2008 is lost to me forever. I forgot to take freaking pictures.

Oh...and my 9 year old wanted to know why the Easter Bunny was shopping at the Dollar General(as she eyed her brothers basket...). (Because that's where the power ranger stuff is, so hush already!)

I hate the way their price tags are built into the plastic. Can't blast the suckers off.

Amie said...

Love the pics!! I got Sadie the same headband :)