Monday, December 29, 2008

And I Was Just Getting Used to 2008....

It's over.

No more presents under the tree. Only stale broken bits of the Christmas cookies left. We can no longer locate the lower ornaments on our tree.


They never had a chance.

We had a wonderful Christmas. Santa was good to all of us, especially the children. Jacob's bedroom is covered with the 1,000 piece Star Wars lego set that he knew Santa would bring, Adam has enough Bumblebee Transformers to share with all his friends, and Elizabeth got GIRL toys which thrilled Mommy to no end but, Beth, not near as much because those Bumblebees are pretty awesome.

And we all got a Wii.

I think it might be fun. It looks fun. Maybe one day someone other than Daddy can play it.

And maybe one day I might post pictures of all the post-opening Christmas chaos, but I left my camera cords at home when we packed up and drove to the lake the day after.

So, yeah, we're at the lake.

I was going to be home today, but since the kids and I have nothing else to do this week, we decided to stay here. I hope my parents can survive all this fun and togetherness. My dad decided to go to work today. I swear he said he was going to be off all this week. Hmmmm. I'm glad my mom got her heart fixed.

So I probably won't be around the blogs too much this week. You might be able to catch me on Facebook, though. Just go to Word Twist, I'll probably be there. You know, in all my free time.

Happy 2009! I hope it passes a little more slowly than 2008. It makes my kids grow up too fast.


kelly jeanie said...
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Heather said...

Get Mario Kart for the Wii. It's the only Wii game I played until I beat it all. So fun!

Kether said...

Wii got one too!
So fun.

And, add me to your facebook =)

Woman Interrupted said...

Cute Blog! Happy New Year!

Miss Hope said...

Let your facebook addicted butt something on my blog.

As for that last picture? How long were you able to keep that adorable headband in her hair?