Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Shallota Spaghetti

I made Shallota Spaghetti for dinner last night. It was very tasty.

Elizabeth helped me prepare it. She has started showing an interest in the cooking process which thrills me to no end. The boys could not care less. They won't even frost a fricking Christmas cookie, but the girl will push over a chair and watch whatever I'm doing at the counter.

So last night she pulled up just in time to see me begin chopping a ton of shallots.

"Apple," she'd say, pointing and grinning. "Mmmmm."

"Shallot," I'd say.

"Apple," she continued to say to which I usually replied, "shallot." This went on a while. It was very cute.

After a while I amassed quite a pile when she grabbed a slice and and said, "Apple. Mmmmm." and then popped that piece of raw shallot right into her mouth.


"Shallot." She said. And made a face. I didn't have the camera to catch the face, but I did go fetch it once she realized that, hey, those don't taste like apples, but I think I might like them anyway.

Shallot. Mmmmm.


Aunt Becky said...

That looks delicious. I'm starving now.

Crazed Mom said...

Hahahahahaha. Love it! This girl is a hoot!

Tracey said...

In her cheerleading costume, no less...

Lynsey said...

she's too cute Andria. Brendan likes to "help" me cook to, or atleast likes to be carried around while I cook. Oh well.