Tuesday, January 26, 2010

RSVP. Try it, You'll Like It.

Adam turned five last week. FIVE. Who remembers when Jacob turned five and Adam was still a teeny baby?

FIVE? That's so hard for me to swallow. FIVE. Big kids turn five. How did my baby become a big kid so quickly? *sigh*

I should really write a fifth birthday post about Adam especially since I found his fourth birthday post completely blank in my draft file, but eh, I'll talk about his party.

His Ch*ck E Ch**se birthday party.

Adam has wanted a Ch*ck E Ch**se party since he knew what birthday parties were. Since Jacob got a fancy party at five, we decided Adam could choose a fancy party at five too, so we've pretty much had this party planned since the day AFTER he turned four last year.

Anyway. When preschool classes resumed after Christmas I sent Adam in with fifteen little Batm*n party invitations to place in every one of his classmate's little cubbies where his teacher so lovingly placed in each little folder before placing that in each little backpack. In addition to the date, time, and place of the party I also requested an RSVP by a certain date complete with two contact numbers and an email address for those people who feel awkward talking to a stranger over the phone. Never mind that we've all met at least three previous times, but you know, whatever.

When the invitation deadline came, I'd received one regret.

Seriously? I spent about half the day panicking wondering what would happen to my sweet baby if NO ONE showed up to celebrate his big day and then I remembered I've done this before. What has happened common courtesy and manners? Aren't we in the south here? Aah....don't get me started on the thank you card.

I waited a couple more days and got two acceptances and then contacted the mouse house and lowered my number to the minimum amount, eight, even though I only had six for sure. It was stressful, the wondering, but I had to let it go. I knew we'd have a good party no matter how many kids showed up so I just decided to be done with it.

Then on the day of the party a babysitter found me in the pick-up line half hour before and told me she'd be bringing two kids which, GREAT!, now I have my eight.

So, we get to Ch*ck E Ch**se and meet with our party hostess who sets everything up, plates, cups, tokens, pizza, for EIGHT children. Then suddenly we had TWELVE children. Twelve guests and eight token cups. Obviously the party hostess has dealt with this before because she was quick to bring out more plates and cups and utensils, but it did take her a while to get the tokens ready. The babysitter and her two charges was the last to show up and immediately demanded tokens to which I told her the hostess would be over soon with them. She wasn't happy about waiting so I gave her a handful of the 100 I bought myself and told her I'd see about the hold up. Apparently I wasn't quick enough. When I returned with the extra tokens, I found her grabbing the rest of my tokens right out of my bag. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I shouldn't have left my bag sitting there unattended but, well, we were the only people in that place so you figure you can trust your own party guests. I guess you can't.

If it weren't my kid's birthday party I would've made more of a scene than the, oh-no-someone-took-our-tokens-sorry-you-used-your-tokens-little-boy-there-aren't-anymore routine while asking my husband quite loudly in front of the thief if we could afford to buy more. Amazing, but none of that phased her.

FYI: Iif you have eight kids, you get two pizzas. If you have twelve kids, you get five pizzas. That would've been nice to know before I ordered the two extra pizzas back when we only had eight kids.

And guess who forgot her coupons??

So the party ended up costing me fifty dollars in pizza we ate three meals a day for the next three days. It was worth it, though, to finally make my five year old baby's birthday dream come true.

Next: Adam at Five

And then Later: Birthday Party Etiquette...How to Answer an RSVP, Write a Thank You Note, and If it's in someone's bag, it doesn't belong to you.


Krys72599 said...

SO looking forward to your next post: Birthday Party Etiquette... How to Answer an RSVP, Write a Thank You Note, and If it's in someone's bag, it doesn't belong to you.

I have a few pet peeves. Okay, I have quite a few pet peeves, but these are right there on top.

And I cannot believe she went into your bag! I'm literally speechless!

Fran said...

That is quite horrible for her to go into your bag!! I was an Army officer's wife as a newlywed and we were taught the importance of an RSVP. I am not sure it is really taught anywhere else though. It seems like no one does it anymore. tsk tsk tsk

Kether said...

I have no words...

in your bag?

no words. None.

And no one RSVP'd to my cookie and cocoa party after Christmas, so I baked dozens and dozens of cookies and out of the 16 families three showed up.

so anyway...

I was crying about five and Liam looked all serious and asked if I was going to stop feeding him to keep him little.

BethGo said...

I hope you let the mother of the babysat child know that her babysitter was horribly rude.

I wouldn't want someone like that taking care of my kids.

Regardless, I hope Adam had a lovely party.

Leslie said...

Oh my goodness, I can't belive she went into your bag!!

Glad Adam had a great party!!

Sadie said...


Just wow.

I'd call the mother of those two children and ask her to please never send that thief of a babysitter to one of your children's parties again.

Unless she's one of those evil moms, in which case it won't do you any good I guess.

andria said...

You know, it didn't even occur to me to call the parents (two kids from two different families). I've only ever seen the babysitter and just assumed she was one of the kid's moms until she cleared that up for me.

I think I will give them each a call. I got the impression this woman has babysit both kids since birth or at least close so I doubt they'll believe me, but I would want to know if my kids were learning those behaviors as well.

Wish me luck.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Oh.My.Goodness. Yes, please help yourself to my wallet along with our tokens, won't you? NICE!
I feel for you on the RSVP thing. You know I've commiserated with you on this before. It's not just for kids parties either. My husband decided that he wants to have a super bowl party next week (that I'm doing all the work for) and no one has RSVP'd. I'm assuming that everyone is coming. I hope I'm right or I'm going to have 1,000 taquitos and 20 pounds of chili going to waste (I'm sure I can handle all the left over beer).

Mommy Daisy said...

Manners and many times common curtesy seem a thing of the past. That's really too bad. I will still teach my children what proper behavior is all about. Maybe there's a little hope for the future yet.

Glad that the kids had a fun time though. At least there's that.