Wednesday, May 12, 2010

25 More Things About Me....

Sick of it yet?

26. I am hopelessly addicted to wintergreen lifesavers. I go through a four pound bag a week. I chew them up like chips. My husband may divorce me over the little wrappers that end up all over our house.

27. I clean the whole house on Monday. It doesn't stay that way long though.

28. I still miss Guiding Light so much. I've started taking the kids out for walks between 2-3 because it is so strange to be inside without it on. I NEED someone to write a book or something to tell me what happens next.

29. I am a new Jodi Picoult fan. I have read Nineteen Minutes, Her Sister's Keeper, and Second Glance. I am currently working on her new one, House Rules. Slow start, but now I'm hooked. If you like her too, tell me what to read next.

30. I love, love, love my new neighborhood. I hope we live here forever.

31. If I get to pick the pizza toppings, I choose sliced garlic and onion.

32. I get a migraine headache every Tuesday. No idea why. I hate this because it leads me to....

33. LOST! I love LOST! I really wish, though, they'd kept it on Wednesdays because there are many times I have to tivo it because I have to go to bed due to the pounding migraine.

34. I also do my grocery shopping on Tuesday. Maybe this is why I have the migraines???

35. I really need blue gems on Treasure Isle. I'm on level 48 and addicted to it and I can't go any further until I get some blue gems.

36. I also like My Town and Country Life. I've had to schedule computer time and make myself stick to it or else I'll get sucked in all day and ignore my children.

37. I used to be a good swimmer, even passed the lifeguard testing when I was 14. The next summer I went to the pool with some new WV friends and one of the girls started horsing around and held me under the water for a very long time. She was stronger than me and I couldn't get loose from her. I honestly thought I would die there. After that I forgot how to swim. No joke. I'm not afraid of the water, I'll go under and stuff, but I can't swim the strokes or do the breaths or anything like that anymore. My husband says I'm just being stupid, but I tell ya, I can't swim anymore.

38. I love infants. I would have another baby if the thought of wrangling four kids wasn't so daunting. And if I weren't so dern old.

39. Which, btw, I am 41 years old. I feel about 23.

40. I cry every time I see the Toy Story 3 trailer at the beginning of our Princess and the Frog DVD. It just seems so wrong for Andy to be going to college.

41. I actually like Kate Gosselin. I read her books and I feel she's gotten a bad rap. You can disagree with me, most people do, but I don't care. Her husband, on the other hand. ASS.

42. I also like the Duggars. I keep hoping one of those girls will break out and go to college and just go crazy, but at the same time I want my kids to behave that well.

43. I am growing my hair long to donate it to Locks of Love.

44. I started watching All My Children recently. I kind of like it, I just need the back story. I don't get some of it.

45. I cried when Steve left Blue's Clues, but Joe turned out to be my favorite. I miss Joe AND Blue. The new Nick Jr. shows are awful.

46. My blood type is A+ but they kept typing me as A- when I had Elizabeth. I was supposed to go to a hematologist and have that checked out the week after she was born. Oops. Hope I don't get into an accident and need blood.

47. I can play the piano very well. I'd like to teach the kids to play, but we have no room or money for one.

48. I can also play the flute. I do have a flute but no one is interested in learning it.

49. I was going to major in piano at college but I knew instantly when I went to check out the school that I was never going to fit in with the artsy crowd so I switched majors. My dad was THRILLED! I switched to accounting. That lasted as long as it took me to realize how many math and econ courses I'd have to take. I then changed to elementary education and never looked back.

50. In the time it's taken me to write this I've eaten at least fifty wintergreen lifesavers.


Fran said...

26--we love them too, but not that much!!
42--I like them too
43--I did that a long time ago, I should do it again! There is also an organization collecting hair from beauty/barber shops to use to help clean up the oil spill in the gulf
45--The guy who played Joe does a voice on Team Umizoomi, he's the robot

sherrypg said...

29 - Our book club read "The Plain Truth". It is pretty good.

41 - I didn't care for her at first because of her "my way or the highway" attitude, but then after the divorce, when I saw what a douchebag her husband was, I realized she was that way to preserve her sanity.

42 - The Duggar kids are okay, but I don't like how the mom takes care of the baby until it is one year old then buddies it up with an older sibling so they can take care of it. Not cool!

45 - Team Joe!

47 - I can play the radio.

sherrypg said...

Oh, and 43 - My hair is heading to the oil spill! (I have short hair, but at my last cut, they swept it all up to ship it out.)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I miss Blue and Joe and Steve too. I despise Sponge Bob and now the kids are into ICarly which I've banned.

I'm 40 but I feel 23 (although sometimes the kids make me feel 90).

Kether said...

I have a friend like that about Wintergreens...
I've never met anyone else that got a headache on a particular day of the week.Mine is Thursday and we have never been able to figure out why.
I like Kate, too. Less now than before...but I still like her.
I LOVE the Duggars. LOVE THEM. But my favorite is Amy. Especially now that she's gotten all weird and is carrying that dog everywhere.

PS we watched Mary Poppins this weekend on mother's day and I thought of you.

Lynanne said...

I love these! Even after reading your blog for a few years, I still learn something new.

On #46 - Same here! after my last child was born, a blood test showed antibodies to fetal blood and I typed as B-. I hadn't ever received RhoGAM because that hospital had typed me as B+ for 20 years. The chief of pathology came in on Sat night to repeat all the tests himself (it's one of the largest hospitals in the US and the potential error was a big deal, esp because my son was severely jaundiced). Sure enough, I have something called "weak D antigen." When I donate blood, I am considered B+. When I need to receive blood, or ever should get preggers again I am considered B-. Apparently this hadn't be caught in the past because the newer blood-typing tests are much more specific.
Crazy, eh?

Lynanne said...

I probably should have added, my son was fine. I had antibodies to his type O+ blood but they didn't cross the placenta. (I was exposed to fetal blood from a small placental tear from a fall.)