Sunday, May 02, 2010

Have You Missed Me?

Just nod and pretend you did.

It makes me sad when I log onto my blog and see I've written maybe one post each month this year. I have considered hanging it out to dry, but my daughter's birth is on here! The preschool years are here! All that old neighborhood drama is here! I can't just let it fade away like soap operas and Banana Snapple.

So I'm taking Mommy Daisy up on her May challenge.

Want to join us?

We're going to blog three times a week this month. Maybe now you'll finally find out how Jacob's acting debut turned out and my kids might get a decent birthday post.

This totally counts as the first one though, right?


Mommy Daisy said...

This totally counts! Looking forward to more posts from you. I've missed you.

sherrypg said...

Facebook has taken me away from my blog. I'll take on the challenge as well.

Miss Hope said...

And it's not like we don't have blog fodder to share with everyone in the entire world! I have had so many things I've wanted to share but that birthday post. That 16th birthday post. It about killed me. Now, that I have that done to satisfaction...I shall pick up the blog pace. Because I'm postive everyone wants to know what color of paint I'm choosing for my half bath.