Wednesday, May 05, 2010

100 More Things About Me

Twenty-five at a time.

That makes three posts this week. Boo-yah!

Does anyone say boo-yah anymore??

1. I do not wear a bra. I refuse to wear a bra. They are uncomfortable and ugly and I am too old to care what anybody thinks anymore.

2. I have a pair of shoes in my closet that I absolutely adore but I have never worn them because I like them too much to get them dirty.

3. I agreed to name my daughter Elizabeth because I heard the song "Beth" on the radio the morning of my c-section. I took it as a sign.

4. If there is Sunny Delight in my house, I will drink the entire jug within twelve hours. I don't know what it is about that stuff but I just can't stop drinking it if it's here. I think it's really orange crack.

5. I am probably the only person in America who liked New Coke.

6. Pepsi is my soda of choice. Coke makes my teeth hurt.

7. My kids have colors to me. I can't explain it. I guess it's their "aura". Jacob is orange, Adam is brown, and Elizabeth is lime green.

8. Land of the Lost was my favorite show as a child.

9. I had breakfast with Mary Poppins at Disney World because she's my favorite character. I was 23.

10. My fourth grade friend stabbed me in the thigh with a pencil. The graphite is still there.

11. I love blue cheese, green olives, and horseradish.

12. Our family had a dog for many years. It died March 4, 1993. My grandfather had a stroke March 4, 1998, and my son was born March 4, 2001 and my cousin's daughter died in a car accident March 4 of last year. I find this strangely coincidental.

13. I still wear my maternity clothes. Not because I have to but because they are comfortable.

14. I could eat butter with a spoon and I did as a child. I try to give it up but there is nothing greater than a ton of real butter on a slice of crusty bread.

15. I bite my fingernails. I cannot stop.

16. I knew Elizabeth would be a girl because I dreamt of her one night early in my pregnancy, although her name was Emma in the dream. I wanted to name her Emma but it doesn't sound good with our last name.

17. C3P0 is my favorite Star Wars character. I am telling you this because my son with his short attention span asks this of me ten times a day. I only have a favorite character now to shut him up.

18. I am a big Smiths fan. I still listen to them every day. Still. Does anyone even know who The Smiths are anymore?

19. I lived in this very town, right down the street from Jacob's school, when I was 2-4 years old.

20. I always overtip, even when the service is bad because my friend's were waitresses and they frequently got stiffed.

21. I bought my first tube of mascara about a month ago. I tried it once in the eighth grade and it flaked under my contacts so I never used it again. I figured since I don't wear the contacts much anymore I'd try it again. That and I had an awesome coupon. Why didn't anyone ever tell me before how great that stuff is?

22. I have seventy four tubes of lipstick. It's a sickness.

23. I used to live in zip code 23456 and thought that was extremely awesome. It hurt to give it up.

24. My old neighbors tried to get a restraining order against me for telling one of their kids I was going to tell his mama on him for hitting my four year old. Because, you know, I was threatening him. Yes. The neighbors were drunk.

25. I worked at Subway once. For five months during the semester I quit college to veg out at home with my stoopid old boyfriend. After my first 16 hour shift, I drove all the way back to Morgantown and enrolled for the next semester and once that started I rarely went home again. My dad got me that job. He knew what he was doing. Don't eat the Cold Cut Combos.

The first 100 are here. Remember when we all did these?


Fran said...

I continue to be blown away by our similarities!! And your first 100 are interesting too, mostly because you were able to come up with 100 all at once!!

Kether said...

Did you see my new blog title? Rather inclined to giggle, doesn't put things away. I, too, am a Mary Poppins fan!
I just read a book where the main character saw colors for everyone.
If I had lived in 23456 I would have a hard time moving. Liam was born 1.23. at 4pm in 05
I have a friend that is due on 10.10.10 and if she doesn't have the baby then I'm going to cry.

Aunt Becky said...

I *still* miss my middle name (Elizabeth) which I gave up when I got married. So I'm happy your daughter has it because it can live on through her.