Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Jacob

1. He was born on March 4, 2001, but he wasn't due until April 26.

2. He has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen.

3. He could identify every single Thomas train before he was two years old, all 100 or so of them.

4. His favorite color is blue.

5. He loves to draw and write his own picture books. He goes through a ream of paper about every two weeks.

6. His favorite food is tomato soup.

7. He is an excellent big brother and I melt every time I hear him whisper to Adam when he thinks I am not listening that he is his best friend.

8. He learned to ride his bicycle without training wheels when he had just turned four, but he took a tumble at some point and now refuses to ride without them. His dad will not put them back on, so he doesn't ride his bike.

9. He was kicked out of Mother's Day Out at the age of two because the teachers deemed him to wild to handle. It was at this same MDO that he learned the Spanish word for shithead. He really surprised the teachers with his language acquisition skills.

10. He is so friendly. He will talk to anyone, anywhere and try to be their friend. He has picked up buddies in the grocery store, rest areas, and doctor's offices.

11. He loves to play board games and he is pretty good at them. He likes to win and it took him a while to learn to be a good loser. His current favorite is Monopoly, just tried that this weekend.

12. He has never liked bubbles.

13. He is afraid of bubble gum. He loves to watch people blow bubbles, but won't go near a stick if you offer it to him. I think I scared him as a small tyke when I would slap gum out of his hands in the trick or treat bucket. I didn't want him to choke, ya know.

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Sadie said...

Love #9! He sounds like a sweetie. And smart! I like tomato soup, too.

Raggedy said...

Great TT!
He sounds like such a cutie!
I love the whispering your my best friend sweet!
My TT is up
Have a wonderful Thursday

Nature Girl said...

Great TT! He sounds like a real cutie! I played too...Stacie

Nature Girl said...

Great TT! He sounds like a real cutie! I played too...Stacie

OneHungMan said...

Be careful with that whole number 10 thing. The world is full of dirtbags.

andria said...

Thanks OneHung...I am nothing if not cautious. I do not allow my kids to play out in the yard alone because we have sex offenders down the street and the only friends he has made at the store are little kids. He still harbors some fear with strange adults, probably because I have scared him to death about them.

Unknown said...

Yeah fo Jacob.IM glad he is doing well

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Michelle said...

That was fun getting to know more about Jacob!

Kayla used to freak out when I chewed gum...she wouldn't come near me if she knew I had it in my mouth; and forget it if I blew a bubble with it! She's a little better now, but I think she still prefer I don't have it in my mouth :)