Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Aftermath....

So I did it.

I went in early yesterday afternoon to discuss the chapel issue.

I spent the ten minute drive practicing my nice face and positive spin because catching flies with honey is my husband's specialty, not mine, and since he wouldn't miss an important meeting to come handle it for me, I did it myself.

To sum it up....I wasn't real pleased with their reaction. I guess when I spoke with the elementary principal AND the chapel coordinator I expected them to be apologetic over the lack of communication and where they both said they were sorry, I could tell they really weren't. In fact, the secretary, when I informed her of my problem, told me that a quick trip to McD*nalds would fix my kid right up. Sure. They did show me the green form that I should have received and when told that I didn't receive one they just brushed that off to children not being responsible and losing things. I was too nice to bring up the fact that the teacher's message began with "I am so sorry for the late notice but...." because I was a teacher once and asked them if they could email me the next time, if there is a next time, and they just kept pushing that green form and encouraging me to go to chapel EVERY week and changing the subject to how I have my hands full with all these kids and how glad I must be to finally have a know how I feel about the "finally have a girl" thing.

So, I waited out in the hallway until the end of school, as usual, Jacob's class is the LAST one out, she keeps them a good ten minutes later each day, but that's another gripe. Jacob came out, happy to be going home, and I hugged him, which, duh, can't hug a boy in front of his friends, sooo not cool, and told him I was extremely sorry I wasn't there to hear him sing and very loudly told him that I didn't know he was singing until it was over and, honestly, he didn't seem to mind. He said he sang with his best bud and they did a good job and it was scary at first but fun when everyone clapped for them. I got excited because I knew best bud's mom would have it on video so I told Jacob I was sure she would share the tapes with me and you know what? He said bud's mom wasn't there either. His mom misses nothing so I know she wasn't informed either and knew then they could shove their green forms. I also know that she will tear them a new one much better than I ever could in her sweet, southern girl, I'm-being-nice-but-I-really-hate-you way.

Yeah, I am still mad. I would have loved to have seen him up there singing his heart out, but he sang for us after supper and I guess that has to be good enough for now. I still don't know how I feel about this school at this point. For a split second, I thought I might pull him out and enroll him in our neighborhood school, but I don't think things would be any better there. I asked him in the car when he was griping yet again about the long day, if he would like to be homeschooled and, well, no, let's just say he doesn't want to be homeschooled. At least at this school, I know he is happy. He knows the teachers, the staff, the kids, and it's comfortable for him. So for now, I will put it behind me because, really, what else can I do? They know how I feel about it and maybe now that they know I will be more informed. I will chalk it up to first month flub-ups and hope they fix it the next time.

And no, we didn't pull through the MickeyDs on the way home, although I did succumb to extra Webkinz time.


Sadie said...

Wow. I cannot believe that they were not more apologetic. Bitches. I hope the best bud's mom gives it to them too.

Lynsey said...

Let us know what the southern bell had to say to them also! :-) Nice job on the way you handled it-they're lucky in my opinion, you really could've went crazy with that.

Amie said...

I can so understand how frustrated you must feel to miss something so special! Ugh, such a special memory that you never get :(

OneHungMan said...

Fucking adults. Just another example of how adults consistently fuck things up for kids.

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

I'm glad you were able to confront them about it. At least you got your say. It still stinks that you missed it. Sounds like he had a good attitude about it. Sometimes I think these things bother me more than my child.
And those Webkinz can be addicting :) Sometimes even I lose track of the time when I'm helping my son.