Friday, September 07, 2007

My Dress

I love my boys. I really, really do. I would have been happy living my life with the just the two of them, or even the three of them, but I have to confess: I am glad the baby turned out to be a girl.

Three weeks ago I took Elizabeth to the department store portrait studio to have her picture made. I dressed her in a dress I wore *cough* thirty-nine many years ago. My mom gave it to me the day we brought her home. She had kept it all this time in her hope chest especially for my daughter. It was like she always knew she would be here just ready to pose pretty in it. I cried just a little when I dressed Elizabeth in it because I imagined my mom feeling about me the same way I feel about her and all the little dresses I have already stored away in my hope chest for her little one.

I would have loved baby Nate just as much as I love baby Beth, but I don't think he would have looked quite as sweet in that old dress.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

You make beautiful babies! That is a perfect picture :)

JaniceNW said...

OK Since I am too old etc to have any more babies we know I'll never give birth to a girl.....maybe I should buy cute clothes and mail them to you and Elizabeth?

Jealous, jealous, jealous Janice

Dana said...

I wanna girl too! I don't think I'll ever get one and it sucks because you and Amie seem so happy with your lil dollys. It makes me want one even more! Can you tell my eyes have turned from blue to green?! That dress is so cute and she looks so happy in it. My mom saved SO many of my clothes and all I've been able to use is my brothers old rags!

Lynsey said...

So adorable!!! I remember reading your blog this time last year, and you were so worried about being pregnant for a third time since it was so unexpected, and look what you have now! A gorgeous baby girl. You're all so lucky to have her!

Sugarplum07 said...

Gerber baby eat your heart out - she's just adorable!