Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It Wasn't The Wine

Good News!

I am not a lightweight!

Bad News.....

It wasn't food poisoning either.

At 1:24 this morning, I was awakened from an awesome Brad Paisley dream to Jacob standing over me in a panic. "I have puked!" he continued to bellow until I finally returned to reality. Yes, yes he did puke. All over that top bunk. Did you know that if one pukes on the top bunk that it will somehow end up on the bottom bunk? Now you do. I HATE the bunk bed!!!! So, being the good wife that I am, I woke the husband who promised to love, honor, and change the bunk bed sheets and it was a complete family affair! Well, except for Adam, who slept through his sheet change and Elizabeth, who only slept last night during the times I was awake. It was loads of fun I tell ya!

So, Jacob missed school today. He was pretty sick for about six hours. Can you believe this is only the third time (knock on internet wood) he's actually had stomach bug? He seems fine now, curled up in front of Game Show Network with a bunch of pencil puzzles and books. He asked to go for donuts so I think the worst has passed. Adam seems to be okay, although he has a touch of something going on the other end. That's all I'll say about that. I am worried to death about Elizabeth. I really did think I was sick on wine so I didn't limit my access to her and even if I did it wouldn't have kept those boys from licking her pacifier and poking their fingers in her mouth. I just hope and pray she stays well.

Excuse me now while I bid adieu to some of my favorite pillows.

I am, most definitely, a vomit lightweight.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Oh Man, I hate the late night vomit fest. Glad everyone is feeling better and I hope it stays that way.

Miss Hope said...

Vomit lightweight. That's me to a T. If I so much as *think* I might hear you make that "hooping" sound that is a prelude to vomit? I automatically start puking.

Here's hoping Miss E stays well!

JaniceNW said...

My dh was the vomit go to man. He knew how terrible it was for me. We did the bunkbeds as well and after BPB tonsilectomy he hurled dried blood ALL over but it did not make it downward. Once when I was pregnant with Brennie, BBB hurled all over my back!! DH to the rescue, he hit the bed linens and we hit the showers.

You have my complete empathy.