Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk

We went to the lake this weekend. Why, oh why can't my husband work from home and we move there? Who cares that the nearest grocery store is a half hour drive? Why do we need Target anyway? So there's no Chinese takeout and the only sushi you can find is reeled into the boat, people lived for years without those things. I much prefer this view:

as opposed to the moldy six foot fence twenty feet from my back door.


It truly is beautiful up there. I instantly feel less stressed when I get there, even though my work load doesn't change.

This weekend, though, being Labor Day, was a little less serene. I hadn't considered the sheer amount of campers, fishermen, boaters, and jetskiers. I mean, that's fine it's a public lake, but, wow, the more people involved, the more rudeness evolves. What makes people think it's okay to litter? And play chicken with their boat? Or splash your kids with their jet ski just for laughs? I'm all for some beer and a cook-out by the water, but I'll stop before I need to stumble out onto the public dock and throw up all over the walkway. Although I did feel a bit sick watching all the young children being loaded onto boats and jet skis without lifevests. No, not so family oriented that lake this weekend.

Man, it sucks that I've gotten this old. The fact that a bunch of drunks having a good, loud, disgusting time bothers me just proves that I have finally become my grandmother. Just buy me some elastic waist pants and a wicker purse.


Lynsey said...

I was one of those idiots that drank too much this weekend- but atleast the recovery process made me realize that I'm just not cut out for that kind of life anymore! Never. Again. Famous last words I suppose. Glad you had a good weekend though!

OneHungMan said...

Getting old does suck...you just have to make the best of it and hope that you don't get "real old."