Friday, November 02, 2007

The Halloween Post or NaBloPoMo: Day Two

Gawd, I hate Halloween!

Even as a child, I just never understood why in the world people would want to knock on their neighbor's door and beg for candy. It boggles the mind, really. A holiday where we ask our neighbors for outrageously priced goodies and if they don't oblige, we vandalize their property and the cops take a vacation for a night. I still don't get it.

But of course, if everyone else is doing it.....

Anyway, in case you didn't already know it, Halloween is NOT my favorite holiday. Maybe I'd like it in a nicer neighborhood, but I just don't enjoy a day where the hoodlums are actually allowed to cause a ruckus. And the fact that I used the word ruckus, just shows you how old and unHalloweeny I've become.

We took the kids to the church for the annual shindig. Thankfully, we were not involved in the handing out of candy this year, so I didn't have to educate the urban youth on the value of politeness and good manners. I did feel sorry for the poor saps who did though. I mean, how freaking hard would it be to have your kids say thank you to the old people funding their sugar high? And again, please respect the No scary costume sign. If I wanted my kid to see someone with open guts or ten year old prostitutes, we would have trick-or-treated at the trauma center downtown. I am surprised that we were neither egged nor poop-bagged this year, because when we returned home the begging was still in full force and we spent the evening trodding around in the dark since we had no candy, didn't want to keep the kids up, and dang, shouldn't Halloween have a time limit? If we turned on a light, the kids (and adults) were drawn like moths and kept ringing the bell as if they would just melt on the doorstep if they didn't get one more fricking candy bar. Have you tried bathing a baby in the dark? It ain't easy. Yeah, Halloween isn't my favorite holiday.

But I had a banana and bananas are delicious:

How can it be Halloween again? We still have candy leftover from last year. I remember only having boys to wrestle last year. Only two. How did we make it without the girl?

Yes, I had no bananas last year.

But now I do and for that I am glad.


Mommy Daisy said...

I hear ya, I don't get into Halloween much either. But that banana, I think she made it worth the hassle for you. What an adorable costume. And the boys look great too. Fun times!

Lynsey said...

I ain't much for Halloween either. Check out what my kid wore...and I didn't even buy it myself, it was given to us! I figured I'd enjoy the years when he doesn't know if he's dressed up or not. Anyhoo, yes indeed that is the cutest banana I've ever seen! The boys looked adorable too!

becky said...

The banana is awesome. What a great costume!

We circumvented the kids who showed up after 7pm with a bucket of crappy candy placed on the porch.

Amazingly, in the morning, there were still 3 pieces in it!

Lynsey said...

I've been meaning to ask you all sorts of questions, such as does Elizabeth enjoy being on her tummy much? Brendan hates it, and has no desire to roll over yet. Is this bad? I keep seeing all these babies who are doing all sorts of amazing things and I get so stressed out!

JaniceNW said...

Now there's a sweet banana sundae!!! I figure the boys are the nuts. You can be the chocolate. Ok. That works for me. She os one beautiful baby girl!!


Nikki said...

Aww I love Halloween! I think it's your neighborhood :) We did have a few smashed pumpkins along the street done in the wee hours of the morning but people definitely respected the porch light rule - if the porch light isn't on, don't even think about knocking or ringing the doorbell. Though I think our neighborhood stops trick-or-treating around 8 anyway - I think we only had one or two between 8 and 9.

Anyway, I love the banana! Too cute!

Miss Hope said...

My children said "Thank You" so many times that by the end of the night I think they were saying in their sleep! I'm all about no scary costumes and using manners!

That banana you got there is the cutest one I've ever seen.