Saturday, November 17, 2007

More Milk Please Mommy

Adam said a sentence yesterday.

Well, more like a phrase, but still, four words strung together to ask for something.


He's been receiving an hour of speech therapy once a week since July. In July he could say only five words: mama, dada, sister, cat, and choo-choo. Now, he's saying so many new words each day I can't even keep up. I've even had to tone down my traffic rants after he started calling all the trucks asses.

But at almost three years old he should be speaking in sentences.

I'm going to count that as a sentence.

My baby is finally talking. He was just waiting for something useful to say.


Tracey said...

Yay!! Glad he's catching up. It will make life so much easier for all of you, that he can express himself more clearly.

Hey, is MIL still there???

Lynsey said...

Hooray for Adam! I'm applausing from Connecticut!!!