Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Through the Woods We Go

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday I think.

I love Christmas, but there's so much work involved. The shopping, the decorating, the wrapping and unwrapping. Thanksgiving is great because there is nothing more than eating, being grateful, and parades. What's better than that?

We'll be leaving tonight to spend Thanksgiving at the lake with my parents. My mom has all the groceries ready for me to cook the meal early tomorrow. I love to cook, so I am looking forward to it. The weatherman says a cold front is coming so we might even be able to trade our shorts and tees for sweaters and jeans and I am looking forward to that also.

There's no such thing as high speed internet up that way, so I'll be leaving you with a variety of stolen, prewritten memes to get me through the holiday NaBloPoMo. I apologize in advance.

And for them, I am grateful.


sweetisu said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving get together. There is nothing more precious than family, especially families who bond and love each other.

Lynsey said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! Even your mother-in-law! :-)