Thursday, November 01, 2007

NaBloPoMo Take One

And so it begins.....

NaBloPoMo. I am going to post every day in November. Just like everything else I sign up for, I imagine all the fun it will be, then it sneaks up on me and I realize, what the hell did I get myself into?

No, it will be fun. Really. If it kills me.

So, you thought I'd start off with the Halloween recap didn't you?

Not so much. I'll get to it, but not today.

Do you see this?

This is where my son slept last night.

In an unmade bed with a sleeping bag and a mattress pad for covers. Not even a pillowcase, poor guy.

I washed Jacob's sheets yesterday. I did not, however, replace them onto the bed as my husband assured me with many false promises that if he bought the bunk bed, he would take care of all bedding issues for the top bunk.

I let him know three, no maybe four, times yesterday evening that the bed needed made before bedtime. He had to have seen it as he read books to the boys in there before they went to sleep. I stupidly assumed it had been taken care of. I was wrong. I could not believe when I went in this morning to wake my child and saw him curled up on that old, uncovered pillow on top of a bare mattress!

I guess we are in the middle of a sheet standoff because I am sure he is expecting me to do it today and, honestly, I can't. I have no earthly clue how to make that damn bed. It's hard. I won't do it. I did not want that stupid bed. I will not make that bed. I want the old bed back. The bunk bed sucks.

Don't worry. I won't make him sleep like that another night. He can sleep in Elizabeth's room, so I guess that means Mamaw will have to sleep at a motel. Awww.

Halloween tomorrow, I promise.


Lynsey said...

oh my goodness...well its a good thing that kids don't really care as much as we adults do! :-)

OneHungMan said...

Damn men, you can't count on them for anything.

Sadie said...

First off...Good luck with NaBlo! I've started with my 3 blogs as well...Intimidating!

And...yeah, my son has done the bed thing too *lol* So it's not just you!!

Colleen said...

I hope we never have bunk beds in this house. I wouldn't want to be climbing up there to change sheets either.

BethGo said...

Uh oh! I'm the one who wants bunk beds in our house. maybe we'll get a trundle instead.
I hear you on the sheet changing thing. I can't even change the stupid crib sheet.
Tell your hubby a deal's a deal.

Dana said...

Ok, maybe I'm a ready dummy but what's NaBlo? I HATE changing the top bunk too. Hubby is just plain lazy though and won't do it. He'd do what your hubby did.
By the way, Norm @ did my new blog template. I'm not sure if he's got time since he's waist deep in his new French studies but you could ask.....
Good luck!

Mommy Daisy said...

Sheet stand-off...I love it! I hope the problem is solved soon. Also, good luck with NaBloPoMo, I'm doing it too.