Wednesday, January 05, 2011

My New Years Resolutions

Okie-dokie then...

1. I will learn my children's love language and use it. Often.

2. I will lower our grocery bill fifty bucks a month. Once I started working I got a little lazy and the last three months were well over what I typically spend. If I can drop fifty bucks that will take me to about $275. My hope is to keep shaving as the year goes on so I can get it back under $250.

3. Which also leads me to....more home-cooked meals. That little bit of extra cash and the close proximity to the new James Coney Island and Freebirds made me quite lazy. And thirty pounds heavier.

4. I say it every year, but I am going to really try to eat and serve more vegetables and less carbohydrates and sugars. There just aren't many veggies I like so it's hard to get excited about cooking them. I am going to do TWO meatless meals a week this year. Hopefully that will help our health and our finances.

5. I will take the little children on a fun outing every Friday afternoon. Adam only has a half year of half day school left. We will enjoy it.

6. I will take each child on a solo outing for at least an hour at least once a month. I haven't quite figured out how I'll swing that since there are no other adults around during their waking hours, but I feel this is important, especially for Jacob so I have to figure out a way.

7. I haven't done it yet, but I will be updating the children's chore charts and our reward system. We will continue using the tickets for positive behavior and my goal is to be much more consistent with it.

8. I will wake up a half hour earlier (oy, this will be the hardest one) so we aren't rushing out the door on work days. Non-work days....I will continue to drive them at the last minute in my pajamas.

9. If it isn't raining or below freezing, I will walk the 1.3 miles around the beautiful wildlife refuge in our neighborhood. We pay for that might as well use it. The kids and I both could get more sunshine and exercise.

10. I will blog once a week. This used to be my excuse for not updating the baby books, but now the baby books AND the blog are quite empty.

11. I will update the baby books.

12. I will limit my time on Facebook and all my addictions. I did better last year but I could still do better. Half hour after work, fifteen minutes during afternoon snack, and anything else after all kids are in bed. Okay. Maybe this one will be the hardest. That Treasure Isle isn't going to dig itself.

And I will stop here because I don't want thirteen.

*spit on floor and throw the salt over my shoulder*


Crazed Nitwit said...

Good luck with all these. I don't do the resolution thing. I just try and improve as I go along. Try using whole grain pasta with omega 3's to easily add protein and fiber w/o sacrificing taste.

Give the walking a chance. It's really works.

Love and hugs and Happy New year!!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

You can DO IT! Soups is the way I use my veggies. And fruit smoothies with just milk, frozen fruit and ice are one of our favorite treats. Of course, I'm baking brownies as I type this, so you may not want to listen to any advice I sling out...